Caught on video: San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 coax cat down from power pole

Here’s a quick (but heart-stopping) video of a cat in San Francisco being coaxed down from a power pole. The firefighters who arrived to assist were afraid the cat would be electrocuted if it moved in the wrong direction.

cat rescued
cat up a pole (SFFF Local 798)
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San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 (SFFF Local 798) posted the video on their Facebook page showing the rescue.

“Sometimes we rescue # from trees but today it was #cats from a power pole. With a little encouragement the #cat came down and was u harmed. #sanfrancisco #cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram # #firelife #firefighter #truck #rescue #furfriends #furbaby #sffd #sf #fire”

A  ladder was placed against the power pole but the cat was unable to get its balance and eventually climbed down backward.

Our thanks go out to SFFF Local 798 for their assistance in coaxing the cat down.

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