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Causes of Hearing Loss in Cats — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Dee. There is not much discussion or information about inherited blindness at least not in cats. It’s all about inherited deafness in white blue-eyed cats. It’s a major problem but there are ways to reduce the risk, like mating whites to coloured cats or cats with the white spotting gene which can also produce pure-white kittens.

  2. Hi Dee. I don’t know of any genetic predisposition to blindness in cats or dogs. It seems to be very rare and is more likely the result of injury or illness. Siamese have a predisposition to having a squint because their colouring is a form of albinism and gives them their blue eyes but does not cause deafness.

    • Thanks.
      I had always heard that white animals were prone to blindness. No blind cats (but, I have never had a white one), but I had an all white cockapoo that went blind in her 2nd year.

  3. I’ve never had a deaf cat; only sightless ones.

    But, I know that a lot of precautions have to be taken with a cat who can’t hear.

    I learned this lesson many years ago when my younger brother started his car and ran over(killing)his cat of 15 years who was deaf. She, obviously, didn’t hear the engine start. So tragic.

    Because of that and many things I had to learn, it’s a ritual for me to check everywhere on my car before starting and going.

  4. White cats (W masking gene) are the most prone to deafness. The percentage of coloured cats with deafness including that caused by other factors is quite small. This genetically prompted deafness can frequently be reduced by having coloured cats in a white cat’s ancestry, preferably a coloured to white mating. White is not a pigment. it is an absence of visible colour caused by the W masking gene. The white Turkish Van/Van kedisi also suffers from a high rate of deafness made worse by the Van Institute’s insistence on mating white to white under the false premise that only white cats are pure Van kedileri.

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