Caycee Bregel fostered cats through the Animal Humane Society

Caycee Bregel was a foster partner with the Animal Humane Society. Why didn’t the Animal Humane Society monitor Bregel properly?

Fitness fanatic Caycee Bregel received a light sentence for 13 counts of animal cruelty at her animal rescue, Minnesota Animal Rescue, which is linked to the Animal Humane Society under an animal fostering arrangement.

Woman cat abuser, Caycee Bregel.
Caycee Bregel. A Christian and God fearing fitness fanatic but an animal abuser as well.
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Bregel subjected her animals to horrific conditions. Many were very ill and chronically underweight (“skin and bone”). There were 64 dead cats in various places including in freezers. The living cats were suffering in squalid conditions. “Investigators discovered dozens of ‘decomposing’ cats” (The Independent newspaper).

You get the message. Caycee Begel’s so called animal rescue was a disaster, a cruel and squalid facility where many cats died horrible deaths due to the criminal neglect of a God loving Christian powerlifter Caycee Bregel. The Christian connection is noteworthy.

So what is the agreement between the Animal Humane Society (AHS) and their animal foster carers? How does the AHS monitor their foster organisations like Caycee’s Minnesota Animal Rescue?

I have to ask because something went terribly wrong? Let’s just double check: – Crime Time reports that Caycee Bregel ‘fostered cats and dogs’ through AHS. The animals were housed at Bregel’s rescue facility and her home. say that they received 144 cats and one dog from AHS between July 2017 and Feb 2018.

Personally she should have been imprisoned. Prosecutors wanted her to be jailed for 180 days on a felony conviction but the judge decided to reduce the crime to a misdemeanour. The reason it seems is because Bregel had good intentions that went bad.

Caycee Bregel's home
Caycee Bregel’s home. Screenshot.

Oxygen also reports that Bregel split up with her partner which we are told led to Bregel losing control over her animal rescue organisation. She entered the state of cat hoarding not cat rescue.

It seems that the court decided that this was a case of animal hoarding which should be punished sympathetically.

My big concern is why AHS let one of their fosters behave so negligently that tens of cats died grizzly deaths, some of starvation.

Necropsies concluded:

“..[a] complete absence of content in their stomachs and small intestines [and that it would have taken] approximately one week for a cat’s intestinal [tract] to completely become void of food.”

I have asked AHS for a comment on their Facebook page at the time of this post and am awaiting a response. I will update the page as soon as possible.

UPDATE: This is AHS’s response:

“Hi Michael, we are incredibly saddened by the fact that some of the cats we removed from Caycee Bregel’s property were among those AHS originally placed with foster families associated with MN Animal Rescue. In retrospect, it’s clear that Bregel falsified records and deceived AHS and others. We are actively reviewing our current partnerships and establishing new protocols to help us ensure that animals we place with rescue organizations receive appropriate ongoing care. Thank you.”

Comment: They are very genuine and doing their best. I wish them luck.

P.S. Bregel’s rescue is 30 miles south of Minneapolis. Bregel is 25-years-of-age at the time of this post.

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2 thoughts on “Caycee Bregel fostered cats through the Animal Humane Society”

  1. Michael, do you have or can we search and list all the articles that have animal cruelty and neglect associated with North and South Carolina?

    As for Bregel… I’m not a religious man but I hope she rots in hell along with all other animal abusers and neglecters. All of the poor animals that suffered hell on Earth at their hands would agree if they had a voice.

    • Hi Albert. I hope you are well. The question you ask is a tricky one to answer cleanly. If you click on this link:


      you’ll be taken to a Google Custom Search listing of articles on this site on animal cruelty in the Carolinas. But I cannot vouch for the results. Elisa who lives I believe in North Carolina thinks the state has a poor record on animal welfare. That’s as I recall it. If I am wrong I apologise.


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