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Caycee Bregel fostered cats through the Animal Humane Society — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, do you have or can we search and list all the articles that have animal cruelty and neglect associated with North and South Carolina?

    As for Bregel… I’m not a religious man but I hope she rots in hell along with all other animal abusers and neglecters. All of the poor animals that suffered hell on Earth at their hands would agree if they had a voice.

    • Hi Albert. I hope you are well. The question you ask is a tricky one to answer cleanly. If you click on this link:


      you’ll be taken to a Google Custom Search listing of articles on this site on animal cruelty in the Carolinas. But I cannot vouch for the results. Elisa who lives I believe in North Carolina thinks the state has a poor record on animal welfare. That’s as I recall it. If I am wrong I apologise.

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