CC and Mike’s Tiffany!!!!

by Candace

Bleu our Tiffany

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Bleu our Tiffany

This is our Bleu! The reason we named him Bleu was because when we first found him/he found us, his fur had a blue/silver tint to it and his eyes were blue. We found Bleu when he was only 3-4 weeks old in the clay (G.A) and he had a horrible upper respiratory infection. He adopted us. There were three litters, all without homes and no one would adopt them. Most of the kittens could barely see or lost their vision because of colds, fleas, flies, and no one to take care of them.

Bleu just kept following me around and every time I would stop to pet another kitten he would climb on my feet and fall asleep. I couldn't not help him and like I said he picked us.

We are so happy with him.. He has the best personality and he talks so much! He is cuddly, but not needy! We love him! He is a little over 1 year.


CC and Mike's Tiffany!!!! to Tiffany Cat

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CC and Mike's Tiffany!!!!

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Jun 14, 2010
Carolina Blue
by: Anonymous

The same for our cat. We live in North Carolina and a friend of my son's gave him a cat from his cat's litter - she was 6 weeks old when he brought her home. She had sort of silver like hair mixed in with her brown color and blue eyes. So my son named her Carolina (
for Carolina's Blue color - most notably in sports). She is a great cat that has become very special in my world! Love my chica!
~Brooks - Charlotte, NC

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