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Cecil the lion killer Walter Palmer’s Florida vacation home vandalized — 8 Comments

    • I agree with Robert and Michael. I admire these folks too. I have to admit I would have done more to Palmer’s house and grounds. With the proper materials (something really disgusting, smelly, gooey and hard to clean up) a well-organized group can cause a lot of damage in under two minutes, and the participants can leave the area quickly to avoid detection. I shall say no more.

      That won’t bring Cecil back, but Palmer has to learn that his actions have consequences and that means making his daily life very uncomfortable. Sometimes just signing a petition just doesn’t cut it. Too bad somebody hasn’t given Kristen Lindsey the same treatment.

  1. This is really no surprise, although quite stupid on the part of the perpetrators. As Sandra said, it’s really not worth the risk to get caught, plus, that is just stooping to Palmer’s level — and it does not bring Cecil back. ..

  2. I’m kind of surprised that the house wasn’t being guarded, and the damages weren’t worse. This is easily cleaned up.

    I just hope the people that did this don’t get caught, because they will face the consequences. It’s really not worth the risk.

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