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Cecil’s brother Jericho has been shot by poachers? — 7 Comments

  1. I’m seeing numerous reports that Jericho is live and well for the moment, but the park rangers have been put on high alert to protect him.

  2. Jericho has been seen alive. However there is news in today’s press about another totally illegal lion hunt by an American.

    • Thanks Sarah. I suppose there are illegal lion hunts going on regularly. That is the impression I have. It is just that Cecil highlighted it.

  3. do u have a link 2 the online petition? cuz i don see it. i want 2 sign it. this guy NEEDS 2 b extradited, period. all poachers r scum n MY book, & the ONLY valid hunting is hunting 4 food & the utilization of said animals parts(as much as is possible at least). there is NO such thing as “sport-hunting”. its NOT sporting if the thing u r “sport” hunting is not on the same level as u r. until an animal can use sophisticated tracking equipment, wear protective(& concealing)covering, & shoot back at its hunter said hunting will NEVER b “sporting”. the ONLY real sport hunting is a paintball tournament, cuz its people against people & “the playing field” is equal. thats jus me, of course, but, ya know, i think poachers should b hunted n the same manner that they hunt their prey too so…

  4. Now different news services are saying Jericho is alive and well and they’ve tracked him with his GPS. Not sure who’s telling the truth here. He could be dead and it’s being kept quiet to prevent another uproar. It’s just strange that the Facebook page should have known the correct information.

    • That’s excellent news if it is true. I had heard conflicting stories and this source seemed reliable! Let’s wait and see.

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