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Celebrity animal activists join together to save Elkton feral cats — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to even read my petition…I never thought it would gain THIS much attention …. I thank each and every one of you for your support … Sincerely, The cazy cat lady on the corner <3

  2. Thank you so much for helping us bring attention to the effort to help the Elkton kitties. The national attention you have given us strengthens our voice. We have contacted experts in TNR from all over the country. All of them have emailed Elkton and offered their help and expertise. All of the experts we contacted have advised Elkton that the “trap and remove” plan will not work. We also started a FB community called Elkton Maryland Community Cats. Many, many thanks for helping us. We are very grateful to you. Every life matters!

    • It is our (Michael and Elisa) pleasure to help. We love feral cats and believe they have the right to be treated well just like any other cat. Good luck.

  3. “almost all were pets once and most wish to be again”.

    This is so true of feral and stray cat colonies everywhere. Killing animals just because they are homeless is not going to solve the situation. TNR is very effective, but we need to find out how we can encourage more pet owners to have their pets neutered and spayed.

    Thanks for the article. I’ll certainly register my opposition to this propsed cull.

  4. It seems the mayor, God bless him, needs to learn more about feral cats and how best to relate to them. I suppose this is a problem with mayors (and lots of them are dealing with the ‘feral cat problem’) – they need someone like Elisa or Dee (and one of many other visitors) to advise them.

  5. My from lives in aberdeen she goes to elkton to feed cats that she paid to get fixed and shots. Leave these cats along. Worry about crime

  6. Why is this stating Pennsylvania? This is Elkton, MD, correct? Confusing.
    Sharing this post. Inexcusable to treat animals this way, “Mayor’.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    We don’t kill because we deem the life inconvenient.
    Not very Christian.
    Full support for the kitties!

      • I had googled how to spell Elkton and Pennsylvania popped up at the end of it. Still needs correcting under Mayors photo. I’m just working too many states these days 🙂

        I hope everyone attending the meeting can talk some sense into the officials there. They really don’t know the mess they’re about to create.

  7. Thank you so much for your support in this cause. I am one of a group of caretakers for three ‘feral’ colonies in Elkton Maryland where this is occurring and will be at the meeting Wednesday with our care giving information to present to the mayor and commissioners. I would also ask people to stress that at our colonies, other wildlife abounds. Birds and squirrels exist alongside our cats as the cats need to hunt for food is erased by our regular feeding schedules and after spay and neutering, the get to lazy to chase much for fun (lol). Again Thanks for any and all support! I invite you to visit both my page (Juli Bryan) and whiskersntailsrescues on facebook for more information on oour local kitty crisis. FYI, ‘feral’ is an unwarranted word in many cases at our colonies. In fact, 8 kittens and one mommy, all dropped off in the month of May, were removed by us and placed into the adoption process with a woman we work with. It is People, not cats that is the problem of population control in Elkton. Drop off behind the local pet store, as these cats were, are commonplace. Our core population in the colonies we care for is stable and actually declining. A lot of our cats turn out to be adoptable with a little time and care. In fact, almost all were pets once and most wish to be again.

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