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Celebrity Cats: One celebrates, while the other exploits, the cat — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Michael. Have just returned from a wonderful desert safari in the “Little Rann of Kutch” in the state of Gujarat in India. Spotted the elusive Wild cat stalking its prey, quite a large grey cat compared to the domestic cat. Also was lucky to film the resorts local pet traditional cat climb up a tree to chase a squirrel! I was surprised at this kittens agility in tree climbing as Persian cats are normally considered “Lap cats”.As for owners making a fortune from their pet cats i feel it is perfectly normal provided the “Star cat” receives its due share of the profits in the form of good food and care.I have posted a photo of the traditional Persian kitten “Bebo” of “Rann Resorts” climbing a tree.

    • Lovely photo Rudolph. Persians have the same wild cat mentality given half a chance although it is hard to see it sometimes because they are so domesticated.

      As for star cats, yes it would be okay if the cat got his fair share and if he agreed to it all but neither can happen. That’s my opinion for what it is worth 😉 .

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