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Cemetery Cat’s Passing Upsets Those Who Knew and Loved Him — 3 Comments

  1. Hoo boy these kind of stories get to me. I think cats in particular have a way about them that makes them superior comforters and facility ambassadors. They calm high strung race horses, add soul to establishments like retail stores, libraries, hardware stores, and comfort us in hospices and cemeteries. I must say Barney did look his age… very distinguished with an air of wisdom. RIP Barney.

  2. I recall reading about Barney years ago and it made me smile. That’s how Barney affected people; even those who’ve never met him. What a beautiful soul. I agree with the sentiment, his body may have left this earth but his soul remains and is now over the Rainbow Bridge, visiting those who’ve gone before. R.I.P. sweet boy, you will never be forgotten.

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