Cert My Somali Cat

by Pam

Somali’s are sweet and beautiful. Cert died at 19 so they are long lived too. He was very healthy all his life and would walk on a leash. His arthritis got to be too much so I helped him to the Rainbow Bridge; he would have lived longer except for the pain. Cert was a ruddy born in 1989 in Indiana and came to me at 3 months.

He was a typical little Somali even doing his monkey walks. That’s when they stand sideways, something like a Halloween cat, and walk away from you. Sure do miss him.


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Cert My Somali Cat

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Dec 23, 2009
by: Dorothy

Hi Finn, I love the picture of you and Ivanhoe, doing the head butt. I did the search as you said and was sad, though the love you had for him says it all. You were lucky to have the little bit of time with him. What a beauty he was. What a fabulous breed. I hope I get to know one some day.

Merry Christmas to you, Finn.


Sep 27, 2009
A full cat life
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Pam. I agree – very sweet and beautiful cats. The ticked coat and bushy tail makes them look outstandingly fox-like.

I haven’t noticed the monkey walk, but they are very active and playful and when they put their mind to something, they do it 100% – be it playing or cuddling.

My Somali Ivanhoe sadly succumbed to FIP at a young age, so it’s comforting to read about another of the same breed living for 19 years. Your Cert was granted a full cat life and who can ask for more. No doubt he will be remembered and sadly missed.

Here is a picture of Ivanhoe:

Somali cat Ivanhoe

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Somali cat Ivanhoe head butting – photo Finn Frode Hansen

Sep 26, 2009
Somali Walk
by: Michael

Hi Pam, I have never heard of the “Somali walk”. Is this a characteristic that is common to this breed? I remember a great Somali called “Chase” photographed by Helmi Flick at a Oklahoma cat show. The video of the photo session is on the Somali page. He was very foxy looking and very easy to photograph. When he was called upon to do something he did it.

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