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CFA Most Popular Breeds Early 1990s versus 2017

This cat, a Persian, has nothing to do with Persia (Iran) or anywhere in the Middle East. European parts assembled in America.

In the early 1990s the CFA top ten breeds were as follows:

RankBreedRegistrations %
4Maine coon2.8
6Oriental Shorthair1.6
7American Shorthair1.6
8Exotic Shorthair1.3
9Scottish Fold1.2
10Colorpoint Shorthair1.1

The Persian completely dominated the purebred cat market in the US in the 1990s and before. I think the shift away from the Persian today is due to the health implications of extreme breeding. Although the short haired version of the Persian tops the chart which undermines that theory.

The Siamese has lost popularity too. This may be due to extreme breeding as well. The extreme modern version of the Siamese is meant to be a more refined and elegant version of the original cat but it is neither refined nor elegant. It is rat-like.

The Sphynx has gained in popularity. It is one of the ‘mutation cats’. The breed may appeal because (1) it is an indoor cat which is useful nowadays (2) there are no standout inherited diseases but there are considerable health concerns which people appear to not know about and (3) they are smart and active (monkey like).

Sphynx cat Casper at a London show

It is worth noting that the Bengal was not registered in the 1990s. It is now accepted by the CFA (as of Feb 3, 2018). Since the breed’s creation it has been popular.

The Turkish Angora should be more popular. Although the American version of this ancient breed bears no resemblance to the original Turkish Angora in Turkey. If the breeders had left the breed alone and relied on the real thing it would have been more popular. The same goes for the Turkish Van.

2017 – Ranking of most popular cat breeds per CFA

1 Exotic
2 Ragdoll
3 British Shorthair
4 Persian
5 Maine Coon Cat
6 American Shorthair
7 Scottish Fold
8 Sphynx
9 Devon Rex
10 Abyssinian
11 Oriental
12 Siamese
13 Cornish Rex
14 Norwegian Forest Cat
15 Siberian
16 Birman
17 Russian Blue
18 Bengal
19 Tonkinese
20 Burmese
21 Ocicat
22 American Curl
23 Selkirk Rex
24 Japanese Bobtail
25 Egyptian Mau
26 RagaMuffin
27 Somali
28 Balinese/Javanese
29 Manx
30 Singapura
31 Bombay
32 Colorpoint Shorthair
33 Turkish Angora
34 American Bobtail
35 European Burmese
36 Chartreux
37 Korat
38 Havana Brown
39 Burmilla
40 LaPerm
41 Turkish Van
42 American Wirehair

Source: CFA

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