1. Thank you!! And if you prefer not to have all this discussion about this on here, you can delete this thread on the subject as well.

  2. I had given you the link in one of the posts above. It is on this page: https://pictures-of-cats.org/lapeyrouse-himalayans-persians.html This woman is a cyberstalker who has targeted me and there is no truth to her allegations. Anyone can post anything on line, truth or lies, and the public doesn’t know what to believe. This is detrimental to me and totally unfounded. I have been seeking legal advice about this. Cyberstalking/bullying is both a state and federal crime and I have enough documented evidence on this woman to charge her also with malicious persecution. So if you would please remove her malicious lies from my listing at page provided, I would sincerely appreciate it.

  3. Michael, I want my cat listings off this site. I’ve already asked that be done and they’re still listed. Please remove them as I’ve asked.

    • Debbie, I have forgotten where they are because they pages were created about 5 years ago and there are 8,000 pages on PoC. I can’t remember every page. I am sorry but if you can just give me a clue as to what page you are referring to that would help me a lot. The page written by you has no detrimental comments on it.

      By the way, all I can do it remove comments and block people who troll. I don’t remove whole pages because it leaves a dead link to it. People link to PoC and if I have dead links it hurts the site.

  4. Michael,I have been trying to contact you, unsuccessfully. So I hope you see this. I have a situation with a cyberstalker/bully named Susan Pentheny who is posting malicious lies about me online. She posted elsewhere on this site. I have had to close http://www.lapeyrousepersians.net in attempt to avoid ongoing harassment from this woman. So I need my listings removed, along with her lies. The kitten she got from me came with documentation of its health in a current vet exam report provided to her. Nothing she is claiming is true and she has refused to provide anything to validate her allegations – such as proof she ever took the kitten for a vet exam for any of the alleged issues or any vet expenses she incurred, in spite of my repeatedly asking her to provide me with documentation to support any of her claims that the kitten that left me healthy arrived to her sick. She has been relentless in a smear campaign against me for which she has never made any attempt to document her claims or seek remedy for any legitimate issues with me personally. I have a health contract which she violated the terms of by not providing documentation within the time frame allowed. That was her own choice. Reason would tell anyone that if any of this was true, she would have provided documentation and sought remedy with me at the first opportunity. You will notice that she does not claim that she did that or that I refused to work with her on any legitimate, documented issues. Anyone can say anything against anyone whether it’s true or not, unfortunately, and people can go online and malign the reputation of others. There is an article and definition of about cyberstalkers on Wikipedia and it describes this woman and this situation completely. Breeders need to beware of this woman.

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