Chained Circus Cougar Rescued After 20 Years And Spends Dying Months Free in Natural Habitat

This is a happy ending cat story although the happiness cannot wash away the unhappiness of being chained up in the back of a truck and used as a circus big cat for a staggering twenty years.

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Peru banned circus wild animals. The law had to be enforced vigorously because most circuses defied the law. Animal Defenders International painstakingly rescued the circus animals. The last was Mustafa, an elderly puma. There was a “dramatic stand-off” with the circus during which riot police were present.

Mustafa’s chains were cut off and he was transported to a controlled puma habitat in Peru where he died after enjoying several months of freedom – at last.

He died of age related health issues such as kidney failure.

It is great that he enjoyed a natural environment at least for a few months. It is also wonderful that ADI were so persistent and committed to saving circus animals and enforcing the law. I am full of admiration for them.

5 thoughts on “Chained Circus Cougar Rescued After 20 Years And Spends Dying Months Free in Natural Habitat”

  1. I totally remember Mustafa from last year and remember the video. So sad to hear of his passing, but glad to know he at least had a few months of freedom. R.I.P. you gorgeous feline.

  2. When did he die?
    He was just rescued 5 months ago, I think.
    Such a shame that he couldn’t have had the 5 years of freedom that Will, the lion, had.

  3. Oh no,I remember this story from last year when the poor cat was finally rescued from that deplorable truck,didnt know the poor thing was dying,this makes me so sad and angry at the same time!


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