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Champion, Ohio woman Nancy Mccauley can continue to feed stray cats under an agreement

Ordering Nancy Mccauley to stop feeding cats because it causes a nuisance according to the Board of Health at Champion.

“Robin Stevens (a commenter on Facebook) said: Oh I bet that judge knew what kind of acid rain would fall if there was no compromise.”

He is correct. The situation demanded compromise and a sensibe and pragmatic approach as Nancy is essential doing good things and helping the community.

I don’t have access to this good news cat story because the only website providing the good news is WKBN27 and they bar access to Europeans; can you believe it? I wrote about Nancy Mccauley on Aug 12 after she had reveived a cease and desist notice from the local authority (see above) as they deemed her to be creating nuisance by feeding the cats.

Feeding feral cats, they said, was a violation of the Ohio code ORC 3707.01. She was due in court the last time I checked but something good happened. She has come to an agreement with the authorities enabling her to continue feeding the cats. I am barred from seeing the agreement, as mentioned, but it probably restricts the feeding of cats to certain places and times and lays down some further rules so that it does not become a nuisance to other residents. You can read the story by clicking on the Facebook link below which will take you to the WKBN27 website. Please leave a comment if you have the time to update me 🙂

UPDATE! Laurie has helped me – please see the comment below which tells us a bit about the agreement and as expected is slightly restricts Mccauley.

Note: Mccauley is typed correctly. It is an unsual way to spell the name.

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