Champion woman due in court for feeding stray cats

Nancy Mccauley
Nancy Mccauley
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Cease desist notice for Nancy
Ordering Nancy Mccauley to stop feeding cats because it causes a nuisance according to the Board of Health at Champion.

The video below says it all, really. I’ll add some words. The situation is very similar to the viral story discussed recently concerning Nancy Segula in Garfield Heights, OH. I appears that Champion, OH is not far away. As far as I can tell, Champion does not have a strict no feeding cats law but it does have a law concerning creating a public nuisance which is the law that the Champion woman has allegedly broken. The Board of Health sent her a cease and desist notice (see image above).

Her name is Nancy Mccauley. She has lived there since 1965. She feeds the cats because they need help. It is as simple as that. There is nothing bad about her. She is being criminalised for no good reason. The created problem is not of her doing. It is a failure of others and the communities leaders to deal with cat caretaking properly and stray cats promptly and humanely.

These ladies-feeding-stray-cats stories happen all over the USA and in many other countries. It is not unique to the US although it is discussed more in the US because it is a very difficult problem to tackle and it touches a nerve with many. It is about how people relate to animals who need the help of humans not the opposite. It is unquestionably the case that these kind-hearted people should not be punished. Both Nancy Segula and Nancy Mccauley are confused as to why they are being punished. It does not make sense to them. I get that. It does not make sense to me either and the same goes for millions of America citizens.

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