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Oct 07, 2010 a savannah bengal at a shelter, spca.
by: wayne j


I was thinking of going expencive, but my heart
broke for all the little friends in cages i didnt
see yet knew were there. My surprise was a special
gift of luck and God, to get a savannah bengal mix. otherwise, there are ocicats available today.
Just gotta look and pray, and have about $90.oo.
Otherwise we all are responcible for our world being cold hearted, yet we should have shelters
and should have breeders too. Its important to
maintain both pure breds and random mixes.
the rich get the one and the poor get the other.
Life goes on.I have been thinking of volnteering
at a shelter lately cause i want it all to work out for every creature.I would bet my life that
some if not most of those animals are depressed,
and could use a smile and humaine atendtion.

Jun 16, 2009 Why don’t you do something useful
by: Anonymous

Like work to help educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets?

I know it’s easier to anonymously pester people on the internet and all, but if you really cared you’d get off your ass and do something productive.

I’ve rescued more cats than I can count, I’ve worked in shelters, and you aren’t going to make me feel guilty about owning 1 Savannah cat.

Feb 25, 2009 thank you
by: Anonymous

Yeah, I just took in another one and my count is up to 10! ha ha All adopted and rescued strays & ferals. They are the best. I just can’t imagine spending money (other than adoption fees) on a cat when there are sooooo many homeless ones 🙁

Feb 25, 2009 Well, said!
by: lilbridge

I totally agree with you. All seven of my cats were either from shelters, stray or abandon as kittens.

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