Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue burnt down in massive fire. There are cats that need help.

Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue in York, South Carolina, was destroyed in a massive fire. They describe it as a ‘total loss fire’ and the picture below tells the story dramatically.

Chapman's Dachshund Rescue burnt down
Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue burnt down
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Five dogs died in the fire and forty were rescued. The dogs have been relocated. Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue have confirmed what Friends of Feral Felines have said on Facebook that the feral cats are still on the site. It is believed 50 cats are there. They need help as does Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue.

I believe they weren’t directly affected by the fire because ‘they were housed in the far end of the barn least affected by the fire and they were in an area where they can run freely on our property as well’ (Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue).

Friends of Feral Felines say that:

‘Funds are desperately needed to continue to provide for them. If you love feral cats, please consider making a donation to help. To donate go to Note on any donation that the funds are for the feral cat colony. Or just donate to help both cats and dogs. Thanks’.

6 thoughts on “Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue burnt down in massive fire. There are cats that need help.”

  1. Talk is cheap.

    How many $1,000’s should we put you down for?

    I just love these people who will claim insurance money in the event of a fire or natural-disaster to rebuild even better than before, and still use the event to bilk ignorant people out of thousands and thousands more. Usually from easily manipulated renters who don’t realize that property owners must carry full-coverage insurance, by law. Happens every time.

    • Do you know for sure the situation regarding insurance? And what about the time between the fire and getting the insurance and then the time between getting the insurance to rebuild and completion? They probably need help at these times. Also because animal rescue is so competitive I don’t blame any charity pushing hard for funds. Finally, Chapman’s were not using the fire to raise funds. Friends of Feral Felines raised the issue.

      • You mean like you helped to raise $thousands for that shyster private-investigator for Sage the Cat? The cat that ASPCA used to con everyone out of over $68,000 for themselves and nobody but them saw a penny of it too? Like that? What’s worse, exploiting animals for fraud or helping others to commit fraud just for website popularity points. I wonder …

        • I think that ‘shyster private investigator’ might have something to say about your description. You are lucky I have published it as it is defamatory. I think they raised the money on a crowd funding site actually. Yes, I agree that rescue organisations do tend to use animal cruelty to raise money and I don’t like it. The business is very competitive.

          • Of which you have absolutely no problems taking part. 🙂 Your morality goes unscathed, doesn’t it. To you, but not the rest of the world who reads your words.


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