Chapter 3 to Rainstar’s Quest

Chapter 3 to Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

Please read Chapter One first if you have missed it…

…A moon later, Rainleg sat outside the nursery and listened tensely to hear how her mother, Lilyflower was coming along with her new kits. Rainleg listened as another yowl sounded from inside. Again she poked her head in and asked if she was okay.

“She’s fine.” said Littlebird, the medicine cat. “She has two she-kits and one more to go…a tom!”

Rainleg craned her neck to see the tiny bundles and saw her mother had three kits snuggling close to her. One kit was a little pale pink around her paws. The other she-kit was all white almost just like the other one just without the pink paws.

But the last kit was just like Adderheart, the father of the kits and Rainleg. The kit was all black with a gray muzzle.

Rainleg ducked out of the den because it was cramped and she saw Adderheart coming with moss soaked in water.

She listened outside to find out what the names would be. Finally, she heard her mother say, “Time to name them.”

“You can name them whatever you want.” said Adderheart softly.

“This one with pink paws I will name Mintkit and the other she-kit, Sagekit. And the black one Darkkit.” said Lilyflower happily.

Rainleg liked the names and hurried off to tell her littermates the good news.

She saw the older kits, Sandkit, Mosskit, Rockkit, and Plumkit bounce around outside the nursery and thought that those kits were almost ready to be apprentices and wondered if she would mentor one.

Suddenly, Littlebird came up and said, “A darkness is coming and you will be the one to lead us back into the light!” Then he walked off as if nothing had happened. Was this a prophecy, she wondered. And if it was, what did it mean…..?


{Note: to people who are unfamiliar with Warrior Cats. This is a story written by a Warrior Cats fan along the lines of the original Warrior Cats book series. PoC instigated a competition on Warrior Cats stories.}

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