Chapter 4 of Rainstar’s Quest

Chapter 4 of Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

See: Prologue to Rainstar’s Quest and Chapters 1 & 2 and Chapter 3

Two moons later, Rainleg sat at the entrance to the boulder tunnel waiting to lead a patrol. As she waited, she watched her apprentice, Sandpaw, pace the clearing muttering under her breath. Sandpaw was excited for her first patrol.

Nighteye, the deputy, walked out of the warriors den with Berrydrop behind him ready to join the patrol. Rainleg still didn’t feel comfortable telling the deputy what to do.

“Finally!” Sandpaw exclaimed. “Let’s go check out twolegplace.” Suggested Rainleg. “I want to make sure no kittypets have strayed over the border.”

“Good idea.” agreed Nighteye.

“Come on.” meowed Rainleg “We better get going before Sandpaw explodes with excitement!”

“What do you smell, Sandpaw?” Rainleg asked her apprentice when they reached twolegplace.

“I smell…DOG!” she exclaimed.

Rainleg and the rest of the patrol scented the air. Sure enough, there was a strong stench of dog on the breeze. “We should check this out.” Berrydrop meowed.

Rainleg nodded and flicked her tail as a signal for silence. Then, she led the patrol into the bushes and stopped dead as she reached the other side.

Along with the scent of dog, there was a scent of thunderpath, stronger than before. Rainleg finally saw where the scents were coming from.

On the other side of the bush was a group of twolegs and a dog. The twolegs had crossed the border into the forest, and were digging up bushes and cutting down trees. The dog was a noisy thing. He would bark at all the squirrels in the in the trees, scaring away any prey that hadn’t run from the clumsy twolegs and their stinking monsters.

Rainleg swept her tail over Sandpaw’s mouth to keep her from giving away their hiding place.

Suddenly, the twolegs began to head for the bush where the cats were hiding. The twoleg yowled at the dog and the dog began to charge the cats.

“Run!” Nighteye called but the cats were already running away. Rainleg gave Sandpaw a slight nugde to keep her moving.

They were almost at the camp and Rainleg’s pads were starting to ache and the dog still hadn’t slowed down. Rainleg knew that if it kept going, the dog would reach the camp and try to kill the cats. There was only one thing she could do.

As she reached the ravine, she spun around and attacked the dog. She leapt on the dog and raked it’s sides with her claws, pulling out clumps of fur.

Suddenly, Nighteye came charging up the ravine towards her.

“NO! Go back!” she called to him but he ignored her and aimed for the dogs muzzle. The dog knocked Nighteye out of the air and and bit his throut.

“NO!” Rainleg cried. By then the dog had tossed Nighteye aside and the rest of the patrol had joined her.

Berrydrop nipped the dog’s hind legs while Sandpaw raked the dog’s stomache. Soon the dog went yelping back to the twolegs.

Sandpaw let out a yowl of triumph, but Rainleg was watching Nighteye and pleading him to move. The medicine cat was with Nighteye. Rainleg wanted to share tongues with Nighteye for the last time, but she didn’t want to talk to Littlebird in case he brought up the prophecy.

When Littlebird had moved away, Rainleg moved Nighteye down the ravine into the clearing where the clan could sit vigil. Berrydrop explained everything to Hornstar. Hornstar looked both sad and thoughtful at the same time.

Rainleg moved up to share tongues with Nighteye.”You were a good deputy.” she whispered. Hornstar also shared tongues with him as well but Rainleg didn’t hear. She was wondering who Hornstar would pick for the new deputy.

Hornstar padded up to high boulder and jumped on top. He called the clan together. “It is time to adress a new deputy he called. I say these words before the body of Nighteye so his spirit may here and approve my choice…Rainleg will be the new deputy!”


{Note to visitors unfamiliar to Warrior Cats: Warrior Cats is a popular book series turned into an onlone roll play community. This story is the result of a warrior cat fan and roll play player writing her own Warrior Cats story. It is fun to do this. I made an attempt at it myself! Warrior Cat}

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