Chapter 5 of Rainstar’s Quest

Chapter 5 of Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

See: Prologue to Rainstar’s Quest and Chapters 1 & 2 and Chapter 3…and Chapter 4

Rainleg was shocked. Why her? Was it because she attacked the dog first? Or was it something else? She suddenly felt worried. What should she do now? What about the twolegs? She realized the rest of the clan was staring at her expectantly. It was time for her to make a speech.

She leaped to the top of high boulder and began her speech.

“Thank you, Hornstar. I never expected to recieve such high rank.” She called, realizing her words were true. “But, I promise that I will be the best deputy I can be, and I am truely honored.”

“Rainleg! Rainleg!” the clan called her name.

Rainleg stayed on top of the rock. She had more to say. She waited until the cheers died down before telling the clan her news.

“There is something else you should know.” she meowed.

“When my patrol passed twolegplace, we saw many twolegs. They were digging up bushes and cutting down trees. They brought large stinking monsters and they set that dog on us.”

“But what does that have to do with us? Everyone knows twolegs are crazy! As long as they stay near twolegplace and don’t cross the border, we’ll be fine!” called a cat named Pinedapple.

“Well the twolegs have crossed the border!” Sandpaw cried.

“This is important!” Berrydrop exclaimed “Not something to be passed as unimportant!”

“It sounds as if they plan to go farther!” Hollystorm cried. “What’ll we do if they reach the camp?”

“We’ll fight them!” called Redsplash.

“They are too big to fight.” Rainleg meowed. “We would never win.

“Then we will have to abandon camp before they reach camp!” Whiteface exclaimed. A shocked murmering broke out.

“We can’t abandon camp!” cried an elder named Brindleflight. “Us elders would never make it.”

“Even if we did abandon camp, where would we go?” asked Thorntail.

“What about the kits?” Lilyflower asked worriedly. “They would never be able to keep up!” she wrapped her tail protectively around her kits. Only Hornstar had remained silent and now the clan looked at him expectantly.

“We won’t worry for now.” he meowed. “But I want more patrols around that area.” Then he leaped down off the rock and headed for his den.

Rainleg was about to go to her den but, Whiteface stopped her. “It’s time to set up patrols for tomorrow.” he meowed.

Rainleg relunctuntly headed toward the group of cats waiting and began to give orders.

“Whiteface, take Hawkleg, Berrydrop, Thorntail, and Plumpaw on the moonhigh patrol towards twolegplace. Brambleheart, take Silvercloud, Redsplash, and Hollystorm on the dawn patrol and check the sunclan border. At sunhigh, I will take Brackenpelt and Sandpaw to check the Oceanclan border. Everyone else can either take their apprentices out or hunt in their free time.”

Everyone looked satisfied but, Rainleg felt tired. She couldn’t wait to get to her nest.

Great Starclan! she thought. Will I ever get used to this?


{Note to visitors unfamiliar to Warrior Cats: Warrior Cats is a popular book series turned into an onlone roll play community. This story is the result of a warrior cat fan and roll play player writing her own Warrior Cats story. It is fun to do this.}

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