Chapter 6 of Rainstar’s Quest

Chapter 6 of Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

See: Prologue to Rainstar’s Quest and Chapters 1 & 2 and Chapter 3…and Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

A moon later, when Rainleg began to get used to her new job, she woke with a start. She heard a loud noise and jumped to her feet, ran into the clearing and yelled “The twolegs have found us! Run! Abandon camp! Abandon camp!”

She ran to the nursery where her mother sat shaking in the corner comforting her kits. “Hush my sweets.” she said trying to sound soothing.

“Come on!” Rainleg yowled grabbing a kit.

Lilyflower snatched another and an expecting queen, Spottedwish, grabbed the last.Brackenpelt, Brambleheart, Adderheart, and Berrydrop helped the elders.

Rainleg saw Runningstream stumble but the other warriors were helping the other elders and were too busy to help. Rainleg thrust the kit at Hollystorm, the nearest warrior, and ran to help the struggling elder. A monster was heading straight towards him!

Rainleg grasped the elder by his scruff and dragged him across the clearing.”Thanks!” he gasped as he tried to catch his breath. Then, the elder followed the rest of the clan out of camp. Rainleg looked around. No one else was here. It was time to go.

Hornstar was outside giving orders to his clanmates. The queens and elders were to stay in the middle of the group with the kits while the warriors and apprentices stayed on the outside to keep watch. The medicine cat must watch the queens and elders. Hornstar would lead but he wanted to talk to his deputy before they set off.

“Where will we go?” Rainleg asked.

“That’s what I want to talk about.” Hornstar said.

“We should leave the forest but we need the other clans. We need to find a place to shelter until we can leave.” Rainleg meowed.

“Leaving will be our last option.” said Hornstar quietly.

“We could go to crater rocks now that we have them back!” mewed a voice. It was Darkkit.

“You need to go back to Lilyflower.” meowed Hornstar.

Darkkit obeyed. “He has a good idea.” Rainleg said.

“You’re right.Crater rocks it is.” announced Hornstar and he took the lead with Rainleg beside him.

When they reached crater rocks, the clan felt confused. They were to make this their camp but where should they start? Everyone looked at Hornstar expectantly.

“We will make dens and then hunt.” He ordered.

“Rainleg will supervise it all. I will sleep in the warriors den.”

“We should make a nursery first.” meowed Rainleg.

She began to help her clan cover a small crater with leaves and thorns. The kits, queens, and elders slipped inside.

Next they found a crack in a rock for the medicine cat and his supplies.

Then they made a warriors den not far from the nursery. The apprentices were to share the warriors den with the warriors. Finally, it was time to hunt.

Once there was enough pray for the whole clan, Rainleg settled down in the warriors den, but she couldn’t sleep. She was too worried. Will I ever be able to keep them safe? she wondered.


{Note to visitors unfamiliar to Warrior Cats: Warrior Cats is a popular book series turned into an online roll play community. This story is the result of a warrior cat fan and roll play player writing her own Warrior Cats story. It is fun to do this.}

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