Chapter 7 of Rainstar’s Quest

Chapter 7 of Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

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…The next morning, Rainleg walked up to Hornstar who was sitting on a rock. When he saw her he stood up and motioned with his tail for her to follow.

“There is something you must know.” he said slowly. “I have only one life left.”

Rainleg gasped. If he lost his last life, she would be responsible for these cats. She wasn’t sure she was ready.

“We must leave.” Hornstar said. “That is why I’m afraid to go. I may leave you before I can see you all settled in your new home. The twolegs aren’t going to leave so we must.”

“But if we have to leave, wouldn’t that mean the other clans need to come with us?” Rainleg asked.

“Yes.” Horstar answered. “I’m going to ask them today. I want you to come with me.”

Rainstar nodded and followed him. They first headed toward Sunclan territory.

As soon as they crossed the border Rainleg began to bristle. She couldn’t stop thinking of their old rivalry over crater rocks.

“Keep your fur flat!” Hornstar hissed. “I see a patrol and Brightstar is at the head.”

Rainleg did her best but she couldn’t ignore the hostility in the eyes of the Sunclan warriors as they headed toward them.

“Are you planning to invade us?” asked one tabby. “You don’t look like much of a patrol.”

“Let me handle this, Firefang.” meowed Brightstar. “Why are you trespassing?”

“We are here to tell you that Moonclan are thinking about leaving due to the increase in twoleg activity. We want to ask you to join us.” replied Hornstar.

“Why us?” Brightstar asked. “Do you think we’re weak?”

“No, of course not. We will ask the other clans too.”

“Well, we’ve had an increase in twoleg activity as well. It would be better to have the other clans with us if we leave. We will come. Meet us at the Starstone cave.” meowed Brightstar as she lead her patrol away.

“That was easy.” Rainleg murmered.

“We still have two more clans to convince.” Horstar sighed.

When they reached Treeclan territory, they had another easy convincing and the same in Oceanclan who were having a terrible time, and soon they were home and telling their clan the news but there was still no trouble. It was decided that they would leave the next day.


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