Chapters 8 and 9 of Rainstar’s Quest

Chapters 8 and 9 of Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

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The next morning, Rainleg woke early to help everyone get ready to leave. “Stay with me, Sandpaw.” she meowed. Lilyflower walked up to her with her kits.

“Can you help me carry them?” she asked.

“Of course.” Rainleg purred.

Sandpaw picked up Darkkit, Rainleg picked up Sagekit, and Lilyflower picked up Mintkit.

They walked behind Hornstar who lead the clan toward the Star Rock Cave. When they reached the cave, they saw that the other clans were already there and waiting patiently.

“About time.” Breezestar, the leader of Oceanclan, growled.

The leaders were about to walk into the cave when they heard a growl from behind. The clans spun around to see that the dog that had killed Nighteye was back. The queens and their kits were rushed away into the bushes, the elders right behind them.

The warriors and apprentices stood at once, ready to fight.

The leaders leaped at once. “Nooooo!” Rainleg wailed as she watched Hornstar being flung away. She was afraid he wouldn’t get up but he did. As soon as he had stumbled to his feet, the dog leaped and sqished Hornstar beneath him.

All of Rainleg’s hope was gone. Hornstar would not be able to rise. The other leaders dragged the dog away and sent him wailing into the bushes. Rainleg wailed in grief and ran to Hornstar’s side. He was still alive.

“Lead the clan well.” he murmered quietl as he gasped for breath.

“No! I can’t! Not without you!”Rainleg cried

“You can do it.” he sighed before he drew his last breath.

The clans began to come forward and say their last words. “I will try to keep your clan safe. I hope your spirit will follow us and see our new home.” Rainleg whispered.

Littlebird appeared at her side and murmered, “You must recieve your nine lives.”

Rainleg rose to her feet and followed Littlebird, the other leaders and their medicine cats into the cave. She looked behind her to see the clans sitting together and staring after them.

Rainleg turned back to the cave and followed the cats into the heart of the cave, and there, in the dark, a stone rose from the ground and soon began to shine.

Rainleg laid down beside it and prepared to recieve her nine lives.

Chapter 9 of Rainstar’s Quest

Rainleg felt fear as she crouched by the stone. Soon she would be leader and would have nine lives.

Rainleg felt as if she were falling. When she landed she realized she was on gather island, the place where the cats gathered. She also realized that all of Starclan were around her.

“Welcome.” they greeted her.

“It is time for you to recieve your nine lives.” meowed one cat.

“Darkclaw!” Rainleg exclaimed to the cat who had spoken. He was an elder who had died when she was a kit and she missed his wisdom greatly.

She continued to look around and saw many familiar faces. The medicine cat before Littlebird, Blackspots, was there along with her grandfather, Thistlestorm, and her grandmother, Thunderfall.

She also saw Nighteye and Hornstar along with some other elders Oakpool, Dawnstripe, and Dappleleaf.

Thistlestorm came forward and touched his nose to her head.”With this life I give you compassion. Use it to do what you know is right.” She felt energy surge through her and it ended with a shudder. Then he walked away.

Thunderfall came next. “With this life I give you love. Use it to watch over your clan.” Again pain flashed through her.

Darkclaw took her place. “With this life I give you humor. Use it to lighten the spirits of your clanmates even when times are dark.” Rainleg felt happiness surge through her.

Hornstar took his place. “With this life I give you wisdom. Use it to make the right choices.” She felt the knowledge of an elder flash through her.

“With this life I give you courage.” Nighteye said. “Use it to fight with all your strenght.” Rainleg felt energy go through her starting with her her nose and ending in her tail tip.

“With this life I give you protection” Blackspots meowed. “Use it to protect your clan like a queen protects her kits.” Rainleg felt love and anger flash through her and she felt like she would die.

Next was Oakpool. “With this life I give you strength. Use it to keep going through hard times.” Rainleg felt as if she had run for a moon and the pain left her gasping for breath. Can I make it through two more? she wondered.

Dawnstripe came next. “With this life I give you faith. Use it to keep going even when you think you must give up.” She felt the life surge through her and she gasped.

Then Dappleleaf gave her the last life. “With this life I give you speed. Use it to go as fast as you can when your clan needs you.” Rainleg felt as if she could feel the wind in her fur and whiskers.

Finally, it was over and the pain was gone. “You now have your nine lives.” Hornstar meowed. “Congragulations. Lead your clan well. You will now take the name Rainstar.”

Rainstar wanted to thank him but she couldn’t move. “Take the clans to a new home and we will follow.” meowed a Starclan cat.

Suddenly, she was falling again and she saw a vision of their new home. Just a glance and she could hardly remember it. Then, she lay by the Star Stone again with the other leaders stirring beside her.


{Note to visitors unfamiliar to Warrior Cats: Warrior Cats is a popular book series turned into an online roll play community. This story is the result of a warrior cat fan and roll play player writing her own Warrior Cats story. It is fun to do this.}

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