I wonder if there will be a character contest. I Have like, five cats that I thought would be good. Here’s what I named the cats. Cloudfur, but she is dead in my own warrior series that i am writing. Foxheart, I made her when I read Firestar’s quest. So Foxheart is dead but she was good at climbing. Moonpool never went that far so I don’t know her status.

Icepool, I pretended that Blackstar loved her. status alive. Final and current, Silvermask. Status, fine has eight kits and lives with Team Rocket and her mate is Meowth. Sorry, I like pokemon so she lives in Pokemon stories that i write. But, in the beginning she is in Thunderclan. Meowth is a prisoner in the story. So he was Thunderclan until now.

Oh, and kits of Silvermask. Status alive. The names of the kits are Feathertail,Lightningtail, Auroura, Firefur, Leaftail, Iceface, Steelstare, Streampelt. There were two litters so I’ll divide them. Lightningtail, Feathertail, Auroura, and Streampelt. Then, Firefur, Leaftail, Iceface, and Steelstare. Also, I’m new here so I have no idea what this website does.

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Jun 23, 2009
Hi sounds good but…….
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi there. Thanks for the idea. This site is about cats both domestic and wild. There is also a page on Warrior cats because it is so popular.

Could you clarify what you mean. Are you saying we give Warrior cat characters to our real life cats or have I totally missed the point!

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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