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Charge for one injection of rabies immune globulin was $46,422 after cat bites woman — 8 Comments

  1. I know how the bean counters for medical services are actually the most rabid. No one seems to have any reservation or concern to keep costs down when the insurance companies, as you say, simply hike up the premiums. I’ve seen outrageous charges for services provided to me too. In this ladies’ case I would have welcomed the opportunity to know ahead of time what they would charge so I could refuse treatment. That seems to be the only way now to counter run-away escalation and capriciously inflated fees. If I’d agreed to those kind of charges every time I was bitten or scratched by a random cat or animal I’d have died from exposure and starvation long ago. I don’t recommend avoiding treatment but it’s the truth. The alternative is when a vet shoves her fingers down a cat’s throat, getting a finger pricked and condemning the poor cat to being killed and inspected for rabies simply because we didn’t know if the cat had been vaccinated. Been there too and that’s even more egregious.

    • Totally agree with you. In the UK some drug companies charge the NHS thousands of £s for a box of pills that previously cost a few quid. Complete ripoff. I hate drug companies. And insurance companies! 🙂 God I am in trouble.

    • Albert, just so you know, Jane Carter deliberately created a dispute (you may remember it) to make an excuse to stop commenting. She just walked away. She did not have the guts to say she no longer wished to comment and contribute. I am perfectly okay with anyone telling me they don’t want to comment but to engineer a dispute is silly.


        You are banned Jane. You said to me in a telephone call that you are a nightmare to deal with. I can confirm that that is indeed true. Don’t bother commenting again. Your comments will be not be read and deleted.

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