Charges Against Miami-Dade Cat Killer Dropped

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Tyler after charges dropped

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Tyler after charges dropped

When I began reporting on Tyler Weinman, the Miami-Dade teen charged with the mutilation of a large number of cats, I promised to follow this story through to the end. For those of you who haven't read of this horrific crime, here are the original links.

Miami-Dade Cats Found Mutilated, Gutted and Posed: Part 1

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Oh November 26, 2010, Tyler Weinman was cleared of all charges in the case of multiple cat murders by mutilation which occurred earlier in the year in the Miami-Dade area (Florida). The State Attorney's Office dropped all charges when medical testimony determined the cats were killed by wild animals and not by a human.

There is also the issue of the number of cats the medical examiner in the case studied. Eight of the cats appeared to have puncture wounds that would coincide with a dog bite. But eleven other cats weren't examined and mysteriously disappeared. This leaves many cat owners in the area to wonder what became of these other cats. Why were only eight examined? And what kind of animal can tear into a cat with scalpel-like precision and then pose their dead bodies in a grotesque manner on 19 different lawns?

One of the cat owners is a registered nurse. She had the stomach to examine what was left of her poor cat and stated her cat was cut open in a precise manner using a sharp instrument. Her cat showed no signs of being killed by a wild animal. For more statements made by the owner's of the murdered cats see here. There are no graphic pictures, for those of you who can't stand to look at abused cats.

Tyler Weinman still insists on his innocence and calls himself a scapegoat for the local police. He believes they needed someone to blame and he fits the profile.

The police are still confident in the evidence they collected showing Weinman's guilt.

I'll end this here as this is where the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office has chose to end this case.

Comments anyone? Did Tyler get away with murder or was he framed by an over eager police department and a neighborhood's demand for justice?


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Charges Against Miami-Dade Cat Killer Dropped

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Dec 05, 2010
Not so mysterious
by: Michael Watson

What happened to the other cats?

There was nothing mysterious about the "disappearance" of the other cat bodies. The 8 that were kept were the ones the Miami-Dade authorities were confident could be proven to have been killed by a human. They did not believe the others were as clear cut. Hence there was no point to keeping them. It costs space and resources to preserve bodies for multiple years -- they had what they thought they needed and they destroyed the rest.

Their problem was that they relied on standard vets for their analysis and testimony and not forensics-trained vets. So despite the circumstantial evidence, we really don't know anything at all about how the other cats died.

While the circumstantial stuff appears overwhelming, the lack of the slightest physical evidence means that there is no case. That's why our system works a majority of the time. We choose to not destroy someone's life unless we can prove their guilt.

Dec 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

Elisia, He will strick again and next time it might be a human, and how could they loose the bodies of the other cats sounds funny to me . Thanks for the update!!

Dec 04, 2010
by: George

Neither can I say whether this young man is guilty or not. But if he is, he is a danger to more than cats. My first thoughts when I read this post were of Jeffrey Dalmer, the notorious American serial killer. Dalmer would kill his victims, mutilate their bodies and pose them on his altar of death. Dalmer showed significant signs of psychopathology early in life. He began by killing small animals and posing their bodies.

Dec 04, 2010
Don't Know
by: Michael

Thanks for the update, Eliza. I don't know if he is guilty but I do know that the police and prosecutors make decisions that are political and not based strictly on achieving justice.

Cats are second class citizens so it would not surprise me if a senior prosecutor simply decided to shunt this case into the sidings.

Perhaps it was having a negative impact on Florida tourism or something like that.

That is the way justice is dispensed sometimes in the real world.

Michael Avatar

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