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Charges of Cat Abandonment Against Cat Rescuer Are Dismissed — 2 Comments

  1. It’s not hard for me to love anyone who rescues cats, but…
    It’s 25/75 to me.
    Not understanding why any rescuer would pass her cats to anyone unless in dire straits and not checking reputations.
    As much as we all hate it, any protocol in place must be followed. Jennifer may be a wonderful rescuer, but she failed to ensure and FOLLOW UP as to whether her cats were adequately cared for. An out of sight, out of mind situation. I follow up every 3 months for a year after adopting out.
    Sorry to say, but I would have burned her in court.

  2. When you shift the burden of transferring the chip to the person relinquishing control of the animal to someone with verifiable identification and address you won’t have this problem. I believe it was the American Saddlebred Association that migrated transferring ownership to the seller to avoid having registration papers lost.
    Anyone working in the capacity as a foster or rescue should have minimum standards and a license.
    One of the most abysmal messes I ever participated in was a horse rescue where the owner shut the gate and move out of state. I believe one of his defenses was he left someone in charge.

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