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Charlie, the cat, on the sofa (photo) — 51 Comments

    • Oh, Kylee. They are all so beautiful.
      Your Tammy was lovely with all of those tones. She looks so sweet. How did she manage with a house full of BOYS? She must have stood her ground.
      Your fluffies are magnificent. Gorgeous faces.
      Tiger looks contented. Is he sort of a loner?
      Now, that handsome Ozzie. I’ll bet he’s a bit mischevious.

      • Tammy was always head boss cat even tried to control her humans. The other boys were always afraid of her. They summited to her. Tiger is very super friendy and when ever he comes inside he always meows and when you go to pat him lifts his body up for you to pat him. he loves to suckle as well. He was a rescue from my sister. They have all been such loving animals. Its just rebel whos abit of a baby still. Cassy whos passed didnt like having the males around and always growled and hissed so none of them went near them. I just love this community so much. I always look forward to talking to you all its like having another family xxx

  1. some pics of my other cats
    first one ozzie at 3 months old playing with my cat tammy that passed away in 2012 at 12yrs she was the head female boss cat and she knew it. im sure she passed her power onto ozzie

  2. Handsome Charlie looks quite pensive here. I had never noticed the notches in his right ear–he must have been quite the toughie in his younger years. That left shoulder doeslook rock hard, Michael. It looks like it could use gentle massaging nightly, doesn’t it? My two older cats Luck and Shrimp love having their shoulders massaged at night, when they all come running and pile on me at the call of “Bedtime!” πŸ™‚

    • He is a hunk! He does have that distinguished look with the grey hairs. He’d be a “captain of industry” if he was human and a lady’s man πŸ˜‰

      He has one grey whisker.

  3. Oh yes, we also find we have to stand well back and use the magnifier thingy on the camera to bring the boys nearer because if they see what we’re up to they scarper, they do grumble a bit about constantly being papped πŸ˜‰ Charlie really is very butch and handsome, so we can forgive him a little touch of lip gloss as many celebs also feel the need for it when they pose for photos. Isn’t it wonderful how every cat is slightly different, like people I suppose, there are no two cats faces quite the same.

  4. He’s a real handsome chappy, he looks in good condition look at those bright eyes and he’s even put a bit of lip gloss on for the photo-call; what an ambassador for clawed cats he is, you can just see them peeping out front and back. A really nice photo of our pin-up boy.

    • he’s even put a bit of lip gloss on for the photo-call

      Babz, I noticed that too. He looked very butch and handsome on the sofa. Had to snap him. As usual he probably thought “what a pain”. I was at a distance, though. If I got close: forget it.

    • LOL! oh, you’re too much–stop it or I’ll bruise a rib πŸ˜€ Lip gloss and pin-ups: this Charlie image is now firmly planted in my mind with your comment.

    • Ruth, look at that bulge on his left shoulder. The muscle there is rock hard and large. It feels very strange. I massage the area sometimes πŸ˜‰ I hope it appreciates.

      • I would think massaging it would feel quite good. I don’t think it’s a problem. Just like a human who goes to the gym will bulk up, Charlie’s muscles on that side will hypertrophy with the extra workout. This means he has a muscle imbalance, but I don’t think much can be done about that. Any changes to normal gait are less energy efficient and can contribute to arthritis, joint pain and muscle tightness. Obviously, his walking gait is not normal. The larger muscle does protect that shoulder that’s getting so much use. It needs to be strong and rock hard there to provide joint stability.

      • It’s amazing how Charlie’s gait while running looks normal. You posted a picture of him running once. That one side is still doing a lot of work, stabilizing, taking all the weight. But it was cool to see him run.

        • Ruth, this may not be the best place to ask you this, but I’ll have a go at it anyway. I was listening to this lovely new grrl from Nashville Country, and she reminded me alot of Loretta Lynn. (Actually, I was listening to Frederica von Stade and Kathleen Battle all night, gospel mostly, but then decided it was time for a little Kacey Musgraves(the new grrl) and Loretta Lynn.) I’ve been going through a little heartbreak, and Loretta always cheers me up–just look at that smile!


  5. I love seeing photos of Charlie, this one is wonderful, he looks as if he’s thinking ‘Oh no, not the paparazzi again’ lol

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