Charlie, the cat, on the sofa (photo)

Here he is looking pretty regal….He has three legs for people who don’t know him. He is missing his right front leg. The bulge on his left shoulder is the muscle that has built up around his left leg as it has to carry all his weight.

Photo by Michael
Photo by Michael
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51 thoughts on “Charlie, the cat, on the sofa (photo)”

    • Oh, Kylee. They are all so beautiful.
      Your Tammy was lovely with all of those tones. She looks so sweet. How did she manage with a house full of BOYS? She must have stood her ground.
      Your fluffies are magnificent. Gorgeous faces.
      Tiger looks contented. Is he sort of a loner?
      Now, that handsome Ozzie. I’ll bet he’s a bit mischevious.

      • Tammy was always head boss cat even tried to control her humans. The other boys were always afraid of her. They summited to her. Tiger is very super friendy and when ever he comes inside he always meows and when you go to pat him lifts his body up for you to pat him. he loves to suckle as well. He was a rescue from my sister. They have all been such loving animals. Its just rebel whos abit of a baby still. Cassy whos passed didnt like having the males around and always growled and hissed so none of them went near them. I just love this community so much. I always look forward to talking to you all its like having another family xxx


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