Charlotte Brontë’s Cat Tiger

It is nice to know that one of the world’s most celebrated novelists, Charlotte Brontë, was a cat lover. She lived between 1816 and 1855. She loved her cat whose name was Tiger. He played at her feet while she wrote Weathering Heights. When Charlotte Brontë was in Brussels in 1843, she wrote to her sister Emily. She was homesick. She said that she longed to be home in the kitchen with “you standing by, watching that I save the best pieces of the leg of mutton for Tiger… [who] would be jumping about the dish and carving knife”.

During the years of Charlotte’s life there was no such thing as cat food. Domestic cats were fed scraps as indicated by Charlotte in her letter. The first cat food appeared in 1930. The first dog food appeared in 1860 (First dog biscuit “Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes” made by James Spratt). History of cat food.

Source: (1) About Tiger the cat: Dr Desmond Morris in his book World a Feline Encyclopaedia (2) About cat food: PoC.

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  1. LOL, autocorrect strikes again! Weather, wuther, whatever. 😊
    So sad she lived such a short life… I wonder if she ever had a picture painted with Tiger?


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