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Charming three-week-old bobcat kitten euthanised and head cut off — 3 Comments

  1. There is no known quarantine period for bobcats. Your theory that she could’ve been held for ten days is patently false.

    • A very well known book on veterinary medicine states:

      “Biting cats who have been allowed outdoors and appear healthy should be confined indoors and kept under observation for 10 days. This is true even if the cat is known to be vaccinated for rabies.”

      The 10 day observation/quarantine period provides enough time to assess whether the cat has rabies or not. If the cat is then suspected of having rabies it can be killed and his head chopped off.

      All bites by wild animals whether provoked or not must be regarded as having rabies potential. The word is “potential”. I would have thought that observing the cat during 10 days in quarantine will confirm whether their potential has been realised. But to kill an animal because they potentially may have rabies I think is incorrect. Although I understand why it is done because rabies is such a serious disease.

    • And this from CDC:

      “If you were bitten by a cat, dog, or ferret that appeared healthy at the time you were bitten, it can be confined by its owner for 10 days and observed. No anti-rabies prophylaxis is needed. No person in the United States has ever contracted rabies from a dog, cat or ferret held in quarantine for 10 days.”

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