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  1. My rescue kitty Poohbear may be a Chartreux. He was found in the woods, couldn’t hunt because his claws were only nubs, and had other injuries. I took him in and discovered he was feral. Terrified of me and especially my hands. Long story short, after a year of much TLC he recovered fully and is now mostly tamed. A very loving sweet boy and I’ve really gotten attached. I am curious as to his breed. He looks and acts like a Chartreux. Wooly coat, very stocky and dense body, lightning fast reflexes, quiet nature, etc. Of course no papers, his history is a mystery. I read that Chartreux are fairly rare so seems unlikely to find one as a feral stray. Yet he seems to fit. May I ask your opinion as to his breed, if any? Thank you

    • Hi Michele, thanks for commenting. Everything you say is correct. He does have the appearance of a Chartreux. Perhaps an important aspect of his appearance is his eye colour which is copper, more or less. And this cat breed should have copper or gold eyes. I think that is quite a telling factor in concluding that this cat might well be a Chartreux. I think you can be reasonably sure that he is but you can’t be absolutely sure for obvious reasons. It seems unlikely though that a person would abandon such a rare purebred cat. But that is possible too because not all owners of purebred cats are good cat caregivers. And he may have just wandered away as cats sometimes do. So, I think you can cautiously proceed on the basis that you are living with a Chartreux without any documentary evidence to prove it. He looks great by the way and I am so pleased that he lives with you. He is a lucky boy. And I guess you are lucky too.

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  3. I flew from LA to Georgia http://etowahvalleyhumane.org to adopt this Chartreux. Smokey is my designer cat from “Good Will”. $90 for which included fixing shots and carrying box. He is a handsome man, a greeter, loved by all, travels well, loyal, and very quiet for 6 years until he found out he could yowl at me for food. Thank you Etowah ladies for choosing me for Smokey.

    • She looks so attractive and perfect she could well be a purebred cat. She could therefore be a Chartreux but this is a rare cat breed and the eye color is wrong (it should be copper/gold). What about Russian Blue? They have a fine conformation. The Russian Blue has green eyes. If she is purebred (you’ll need documents to prove it) she’ll probably be a Russian Blue. This is a very popular cat from the North of Russia originally. Thanks for commenting. A great looking cat.

  4. I’m not really sure what breed my “BayBee” is because I just found him behind our apartments, he looks like a chartreux .. He’s beautiful ! His little ribs were showing, he was starving and
    Skinny….scared…so lonesome:(
    I still can’t imagine how someone could just abandon a little kitten, but he is so much loving company for me. I’m so grateful to have him !!!!!

    • Hi Debbie, he does look like a Chartreux. Even the body conformation looks right. Maybe he is but you can’t really be sure without registration documents.

      Anyway he is handsome and above all you love him and he provides you with fun and companionship.

      Thanks for sharing.

  5. thank you Michael Broad, we won’t go that far though. She needed a home just like my 2 dogs and 2 other cat’s. So as long as she has a home where she is loved and fed and sheltered that’s all that matters.
    p.s. sorry about the lighting in the pictures it was dark outside and glad this site is on the internet.

    • Hi Kelli, Misty may well be Chartreux. The only obstacle is that all formally accepted purebred cats are (cats that are part of a cat breed) are registered with a cat association. It is that which guarantees that the cat is part of a cat breed. Misty looks like a Chartreux.

      Thanks for showing us Misty and commenting. I have got rid of the yellow color cast in this photo:

  6. I believe our cat misty is a chartreux.She has the stripes on her tail. I like the dark grey nose. she also likes to be pet anytime.

  7. I was not familiar with this breed until I picked up a usedcat book yesterday, and saw this photo,and thought that is MY cat! I have since been researching the Chartreux. His mother and Aunt were both grey, the father unknown to me. I can’t believe how Shadow fits the characteristics and mannerisms of a purebred almost 100%! It is absolutely amazing to me. Funny, how I thought he seemed so slow to mature, seems to smile, chirp, and follow me around. He absolutely can’t wait for me to sit down so that he can crawl up on my lap and love me. He is so heavy now, at only 2 years old, I can hardly lift him! I always felt there was just something different about him, and I have had cats all my life. I really feel he must be a partial Chartreux. I haven’t been able to get a lot of good photos, unfortunately. It has been fun researching. It took Shadow a long, long time to accept any human touch, and now he is my lover boy, and likes my mother. He is scared to death of everything and everybody else!

    • Hi Erica — Definitely possible. The classic smile is there and a beautiful grey coat. Fine looking cat.

      I guess you might know that you won’t know if your cat is a member of this cat breed unless he or she is registered with a cat association because in the West (e.g. America and the UK) the only formal way that you can declare to the world that you have a purebred pedigree cat is if that cat is registered with a cat association.

      That does not mean that your cat does not have genes that relate to this particular breed. It just means that you don’t know because there is no pedigree – family history – which is recorded and known, as far as I’m aware. You might want to tell me something else which corrects me.

      Thanks for sharing and showing. Gorgeous cat.

  8. Was given a chartreux as a companion to my buff tabby who was deeply grieving the loss of his long time buddy. She looks exactly like many of the photos but I believe she had some siamese in her ancestry which have given he two toned eyes of gold and green and she is very vocal, most often chirping. She loves her new friend. I named her Chaia since she has brought new life into our home. She follows both of us around the house. I have had dozens of cats over the years and she is without a doubt the most intelligent and affectionate.

  9. i adopted a little grey cat with huge eyes from a shelter while doing community service..i couldnt get her out of my mind she was soo pretty.. after a month at my house she gained her true body back.. and her robust chest and she can get into everything..!!!soo smart..shes got this one little white triangle at the base of her neck.. like a tuxedo tie..

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