Chartreux owner

by Patti Ruba
(Greenville, Michigan)

Chartreux cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright  - added by Michael.

Chartreux cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright - added by Michael.

I have 2 Chartreux cats, a male and a female. After purchasing the first one from a breeder in my state we loved him so much that we purchased a female from a different breeder in Chicago. They are the nicest cats we have ever encountered. They have the most beautiful spirits and their feelings can be hurt by a cross word spoken to them.

They truly want to be in good standing with their owners at all times. My husband and I would not give them up for anything. They are not mischievous in any way and they love having a regular routine whether it is their feeding time or play time they will remind you if you forget what time it is.

They are very loyal and will sometimes follow you from room to room to be near you but not on you. We do not have any children so we wondered if the cats like children. They do not seem to like the quick movements or loud talking of children. I think if they were used to them they would be fine.

They do not have a mean bone in their bodies. My cats have been pretty healthy and see a vet once a year for checkups. They have both been fixed and stay indoors for most part but we do let them out when we can watch them on the patio. They love the sun and like to lay in its rays. I would definitely recommend this breed to a first time cat owner and you will never want any other breed.

Michigan Chartreux owner

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Nov 10, 2009 Beautiful in all ways
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Patti. I very much enjoyed reading about your Chartreux cats. It's such a beautifully looking breed and it's nice to know they have beautiful minds too. 🙂


Chartreux owner — 2 Comments

    • Hi Gloria. The post was written quite a long time ago so it is unlikely we will be able to get in touch with Patti. Sorry. Tell me more about your Chartreux. They are quite rare purebred cats.

      I couldn’t find a Chartreux breeder in Chicago or Illinois.

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