Chartreux Shaking Steven

Chartreux Shaking Steven


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I got Stevie, who is now 3-4 years old, from the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - a big UK animal charity). The first time we met he was in the Infirmary as he had cat flu and conjunctivitis. The assistant told me that he had some form of neurological damage which caused his head and front paws to shake intermittently (hence the name Shaking Steven)

I was very lucky as someone had agreed to re-home him but changed their mind that day due to his disability and probably because he bit them as he did me every time I visited for the following 6 weeks.

Initially Stevie found it hard to walk more than 2 steps without sitting down but 12 months on he runs around on his stumpy little legs, climbs stairs and can jump about 2 feet in height. He was very under weight and had to have a special diet as his stomach was very dodgy when he came home but now he's fine and is very pudgy even though we watch his food.


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Chartreux Shaking Steven

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Nov 08, 2009 My Own little Carthusian
by: Thomas Diaz, Round Rock, Texas, USA

My Chartreux cat (Kitty Boy) is a well mannered cat. Very robust, dense body, he has a small white patch of fur about the the size of half a human thumb. Fits all the descriptions up above, and a little lazy at times. But I don't plan to breed my Chartreux with another breed. I live in Petersburg, VA, but I currently live in Virginia, while my mom looks after my cats, and enjoys living with my cat (who's in Virginia).

He gets along well with my Bombay (Skittles), and enjoys bringing dead head-less rodents to my front door. At least 5 every 2-3 days.

He enjoys to jump up on my lap and sleep for hours and then awakes bursting with energy, wanting to be messed with and play around and hustle with my other cat. No breed, like it, i said.

I love my Kitty Boy as much as I love my Skittles.

My Own little Carthusian to Chartreux cat

Sep 25, 2009 lucky cat
by: kathy

Im glad you found it in your heart to give stevie a home.

Sep 21, 2009 Not 100% sure but he's definately not normal!
by: Anonymous

We have taken him to 4 different vets so far and all of them have said very little about Stevie's condition. I don't think they have any idea what is really wrong with him.

As for being a Chartreux, we're not 100% sure but he fits the discription to a T. Stevie doesn't purr and only make chirpy sounds, has a double coat that feels woolly, short stumpy legs, weighs 14lb and follows me round like a puppy. He even manages to hunt well dispite his disability. The Chartreux is not a recognised breed in the UK so confirmation may be difficult.

We'll be going to the vets again soon and I'll mention about the patella and hip dislocation and see what they have to say.

Sep 21, 2009 Stevie
by: Ruth

Stevie is gorgeous ! He was lucky to find such a good loving home with you. Michael could be right about his condition,have you had a good vet or even a cat specialist confirm what the RSPCA told you ? If not it might be worth it.
But whatever, he does sound a very happy cat !

Sep 20, 2009 Stick my neck right out
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing your story about Shakin' Steven...

I am going to stick my neck right out and get shot down in flames but is it just possible that Stevie is suffering from patellar luxation and/or hip dysplasia. This is a condition that Chartreux can suffer from and it would cause lameness and it might cause the shakes. The head shake could be due to the discomfort and/or effort. It is not a neurological disease, however. Maine Coons suffer from it too on occasion. (new window opens)

I mention these diseases on this page briefly: Health History and Character of the Chartreux.

Are you sure he is a Chartreux by the way? He looks like one but that is not a very good test. Stevie looks fine and as Ruth says he seems a happy cat despite his disability.

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