Chausie 10

This is a composite photograph of a Chausie that lived with the Flicks. He is called Bushwah. Bushwah is an F1 Chausie. He is very athletic as you have seen in the photograph of him jumping from a standing start to 6 feet.

He also liked to play in water as these photographs illustrate. The Bengal has similar likes. It is not surprising that the wild/domestic hybrids like water as their wild ancestors liked to live near water as it was a source of food. Naturally, this resulted in the Bengal, Savannah and Safari cats being adept at dealing with water. You can just see Bushwah, here, behaving as if he has just caught an animal that lives in or near water.

chausie in water
F1 Chausie playing in water. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.
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