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Chausie Cat Breeders — 5 Comments

  1. I am preparing a large outdoor area to be fenced so my future Chausie cat can have room to play outside and be safe from predators.I plan to install a six foot chainlink fence.Will that be adequate protection?

    • A Chausie will escape from a 6 foot chain link fence quite easily. He’ll jump + climb the remaining distance. You’ll have to construct a specialist cat confinement fence and even that is not 100% guaranteed to keep him in. That sounds negative but I feel confident I am correct. You’ll find specialist fences on the internet. It will have to be good. I presume your intention is to keep him in the house + backyard. The Chausie will like activity and freedom. Good luck. What filial is he or she?

      • I am in the process of hiring a fence builder and as of now I have no cat.
        In addition to the six foot chain link I will have , at the top will be a section that curves back toward the inside and outside of the fence and covered with mesh to keep cats in and predators out. Another issue is I have trees that are near the fence line and taller than the fence. I’m concerned about jumping the fence from the tree. Thanks for your input.

        • Fine. You’ll have to be especially rigorous in confining a Chausie or any other wild cat hybrid as they might surprise you as to their Houdini skills.

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