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Chausie Cat Breeders – F1 Chausie Wildkatz Bwana Bushwah. Photograph © Helmi Flick


A short list of Chausie Cat Breeders in the USA is at the bottom of this page. Before adopting a Chausie please read what Helmi and Ken Flick have to say.

Chausie cat on leash
copyright Helmi Flick – click this thumbnail

They lived with an F1 Chausie (first generation, meaning his parents were a wild Jungle cat and a domestic cat).

They have first hand knowledge of the responsibilities. The Flicks’ insights and comments are useful to people interested in this breed.

Chausie cat and Helmi Flick
Bushwah with Helmi
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I have said on more than one occasion that wild cat/domestic cat hybrids can be more demanding for the human carer.

I am taking about the F1-F3 hybrids. Once they are more than four generations from the wild there is enough domestic cat in them to be called true domestic cats.

For example the Bengal Stud Book Tradition indicates no less than 4 generations of Bengal to Bengal breeding to produce a truly non-challenging domestic cat. However, a lot of people have a fascination with wild cats. The nearest they can get to them is to live with an F1 hybrid.

Helmi and Ken Flick comments

Here are Ken and Helmi’s comments about living with an F1 Chausie and on the tamed Serval. The Serval is a wild cat that has been bred in captivity and tamed to be a domestic cat.

Chausie cat and Macaw bird
Bushwah and Macaw
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“There is more to the responsibility of having an exotic cat breed as a companion. From what I’ve heard, Servals bond to one particular member of the family very strongly and bond to the human family as if it is their own.

This requires that you make the commitment of your time, presence, care and exercise to this companion for the rest of it’s life. Understand, this means very short vacations, if any. The Serval is one of the most companionable of all the exotics. But they require their bonded human’s company. Require.

This is not a thing to be taken lightly. Before considering purchasing an exotic to live with you, talk to a number of Serval breeders and find out what the ideal family is for a Serval.”

It would be wrong of me to re-word what Helmi has to say about the Flicks’ F1 Chausie as they are first hand, insightful comments by a person who knows cats well and loves them. You couldn’t get a better commentator. Here are her comments.

“To a lesser degree, the same is true of high generation Savannahs and Chausies. My husband, Ken, and I were owned by an F1 Chausie. That means our Chausie’s father was an African Jungle Cat.

I’ve never been loved so fiercely by any animal but he was jealous of my time……[I] was able to devote a large part of my day playing with him, exercising him, grooming him, photographing him ……..and cooking chicken for him.

It’s not something to be taken lightly, this having an exotic as a member of your family. He would head butt me so hard, it would put wrinkles in my cheek!”

When I read about the Chausie head buts I think of the very similar head buts by an F1 Savannah cat, called Titan in a pet store. They were extraordinarily hard. You can see Titan’s head buts and Magic, another F1 Savannah cat, in this video.

chausie cat in water
Bushwah in water – click on thumbnail

Ken Flick says this about the F1 Chausie, “It’s the most cat you can have without a prescription.” I think you get the point. That said, in the right situation and with the right carer at the right time it can work well. No need to say more.

Enjoy her photographs. Three are thumbnails. Why am I doing thumbnails? Because if you want to really see the cat in some detail, the image needs to be a decent size. That means a separate page for my website, on which there is little else so that the image loads reasonably quickly. Flickr do the same.

Chausie Cat Breeders

Would you like to promote you cattery? If so you can complete the form below this list.

Here is a list of Chausie cat breeders that I have selected from the first 3 pages of a Google search (at 2008 and updated 2009- things change of course). There are not that many. Some of the web addresses for Chausie cat breeders where false links.

Jungle Cat
Wild Jungle Cat © Nancy Vandermey
EFBC’s Feline Conservation Center

The selection is based on the standard of the website, what is said on the website and the website’s ranking on the internet. Please investigate further “on the ground”. Please note: Google seatches in one country will be different to the same search from a different country and this skews the results.

On occasion I have mentioned Google page rank and Alexa traffic rank. Page rank indicates good inbound links to the website. Alexa rank indicates traffic to the website.

– link broken Aug. 2012.
This is a very good website with lots of useful information. Note: It is not a cattery but a resource center. It is listed as it is useful. This quote is on the home page:

“You remain responsible.. Forever…For what you have tamed – Antoine de Saint-Exupery“.

I think it a very apt thought. This indicates a responsible and thoughtful approach by Jessi Clark-White. This is the best website. I would start here. High Alexa ranking.
Marechal cattery. They breed exotics including the Safari Cat (a wild cat) and are a Chausie cat breeder. The owner kindly let me use her photographs. Good Website. I think this is a very good cattery but please check. They also commission Helmi to take photographs, which is a very good sign. They are based in Kenna, West Virginia USA. (Oct 2009 – this is no longer a good link)
This cattery breeds Jungle cats (the wild parent of the Chausie), Abyssinians (the domestic parent of the Chausie) and the Chausie. Based in Hollywood, Florida. Wesbsite’s OK (slow loading) and it’s got an Alexa rank of 4+million plus a Google page rank. Looks OK.
Tasurt Chausies this cattery only breed Chausies. Located in “the mountains of Arizona”. Clean simple website that loads quickly and works. Got a Google page rank and listed by Alexa (8m). Looks OK. (broken link at Oct 2009)
Based in Ohio USA. Called “Great lakes Jungle Mimic Exotics”. Breed Serval, Savannah, Kalahri-Cat and Chausie. Nice website unranked in Alexa with Google pagerank of about 1-2. – link broken Aug. 2012
North Carolina This cattery breed a number of exotic breeds and are a Chausie cat breeder. (broken link at Oct 2009)
Located in Charlotte, N.C. USA. Chausie cat breeder and Jungle Bobs (cross between Chausie and Pixie-Bob. No Google page rank and no Alexa rank.

www.thomwrencattery.comThom Wren Cattery. Breed exotics including Chausie. Located S. E. Arizona. Website’s OK. Breeding since 1998.
Bengals and Chausie cat breeder. Based in Philadelphia USA. (broken link at Oct 2009)
This is a cattery breeding Abyssinian Cats now a Chausie cat breeder and also Bengals. Abyssinians are sometimes bred with the Jungle cat to produce the Chausie. The website is OK, with a page rank but no Alexa rank (low traffic). It is called Abicatz. Based in Washington State.
based in Northwestern, New Mexico. Called Bakhutan Cattery. Website works rather badly.
This cattery breeds Bengals, Savannahs and Maine Coons as well as Chausies (I believe). They are it seems based in Lincoln, California near Sacrmento. I hate to say it but the website is poor. I have criticized some websites. If you think I don’t have a right to or am wrong to, please say so in the forum. The form to fill in is very user friendly.

Helmi and Ken Flick

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  1. I am preparing a large outdoor area to be fenced so my future Chausie cat can have room to play outside and be safe from predators.I plan to install a six foot chainlink fence.Will that be adequate protection?

    • A Chausie will escape from a 6 foot chain link fence quite easily. He’ll jump + climb the remaining distance. You’ll have to construct a specialist cat confinement fence and even that is not 100% guaranteed to keep him in. That sounds negative but I feel confident I am correct. You’ll find specialist fences on the internet. It will have to be good. I presume your intention is to keep him in the house + backyard. The Chausie will like activity and freedom. Good luck. What filial is he or she?

      • I am in the process of hiring a fence builder and as of now I have no cat.
        In addition to the six foot chain link I will have , at the top will be a section that curves back toward the inside and outside of the fence and covered with mesh to keep cats in and predators out. Another issue is I have trees that are near the fence line and taller than the fence. I’m concerned about jumping the fence from the tree. Thanks for your input.

        • Fine. You’ll have to be especially rigorous in confining a Chausie or any other wild cat hybrid as they might surprise you as to their Houdini skills.


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