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Check if you need planning permission for your catio — 2 Comments

  1. I built a catio that did not require planning permission, but I have it 3ft high decking. The houses in my street back door is 3ft off the ground, so most neighbours got decking the same height, also trees at rear of property are about 30ft high. My neighbour also raised the boundary wall which means I can’t not have decking. After the catio went up he raised wall again putting grey breeze blocks on my side and nice red brick on his own. I’ve contacted council,police as he throws stuff at the cats, and am awaiting solicitor advice as neighbours took great exception to 3ft of transparent caging view over 5ft wall.(when standing on the decking)catios generally don’t need permission as they dont affect light noise etc, but if you have nasty neighbours your life will just be made hellish by them.

    • Heather, I am very sorry to hear your story. You certainly have a genuine problem with a neighbour like that. The problem is that if you have a dispute with your neighbour for whatever reason, as you say, it can make life difficult. It can make life a lot worse and often it is very difficult to resolve the matter. I presume that your cats are full-time indoor cats which is why you built the catio i.e. to allow them some safe semi-outdoor space. If that is true then your troublesome neighbour is pretty ignorant because in building a catio for full-time indoor cats you are preventing them going onto your neighbour’s property so you are doing him a favour. You are helping him and being respectful of him. Therefore I don’t see that he has cause to complain. Perhaps, as you say, he probably hates cats and is probably a very difficult person anyway. Once again, I am sorry and thanks for commenting. You have earned five cents for a cat charity!

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