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Cheetah Breeding Centre Where Attack Occurred Did Not Have Permit to Operate — 7 Comments

  1. Socialising cheetahs with leopards!!!

    If that’s true, they never intended to release any of their cheetahs. Leopards kill cheetah in the wild. To remove their natural fear of them sounds like a deliberate act to ensure the cheetahs would always be considered unsuitable/unready for release.

    I’m so glad to hear that the Kwa Cheetah Breeding Centre is finally being investigated. This needed to happen, for the welfare of people and all of the animals at the centre. Personally I hope they’re never granted a license as it’s becoming increasingly clearer that profit above welfare was always their mission statement.

    I hope it’s not too late for experts to undo the habituation damage caused by the centre. It would be wonderful if these animals could eventually be living free as nature intended.

  2. Self explanatory.
    If the Centre held no permit, they wouldn’t have any obligation to abide by regulations that could be imposed.
    They should not have been in business at all.
    However, the school employees who consented to the outing, are equally responsible. It was their duty to determine whether the outing would be safe or not. It was incumbant on them to check for permit/licensure status.

  3. Hi Michaeland Sandra, firstly let me commend Michael on another beautifully, well researched article providing substantiated factual information. To those who think this is NOT happening and the old lady was at fault, and the young lady was at fault and Aiden was at fault, and to the trolls who criticize Ezemvelo, EWT, Wildlands, Blood Lions, and to the owners of the Kwa Cheetah facility who ‘are unable to be reached’ this begs the question, who is hiding what? Who has the real interests of the cheetah at heart? Methinks it is not Mr Rob Le Seur, nor Mr Clarke Smith, of Nambiti Game Lodge and Kwa Cheetah Captive Breeding Centre, but those very organizations that work tirelessly to protect our wildlife, and prevent this sort of tragedy happening to both human and animal.

    • Well said Donette. I am looking forward to the next episode in this story but above all I want to see your son fully healed and back to normal and those liable for his injuries do the ethical thing: pay compensation in full.

  4. I don’t understand how places like this are allowed to continue, with the knowledge that they don’t have the proper permits, especially after the attacks are made public.

    So many places like this, involved in activities that are clearly against their statements of intention regarding conservation. It’s just another cover up to profit from the animals.

    • I feel that there are lot of places like this is Africa and perhaps especially SA which use the African wild species to turn a profit.

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