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Cheetah Habitat – this is a link to habitat – some cheetah facts

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Photo above © Andries3

This is a lovely picture of cheetah habitat. The male cheetah likes to range over a very wide area. The cheetah likes open land like the grassland you see in this picture. This suits the cheetah’s primary skill for survival – speed. The cheetah can live successfully in less open landscapes and is able to manoeuvre when running with the aid of its tail (acting as a counterbalance type rudder) and its semi-retractable claws.

The heading to this section is a link to a full page and a fine picture of cheetahs is their habitat.

Cheetah Cubs – this is a link to cheetah cubs – some cheetah facts

Cheetah cubs are gorgeous to look at; innocent vulnerability with great athletism to come.

Sadly for 9 out of 10 cheetah cubs the chance to express their wonderful talents will never be realized as they will succumb to predators or disease in their first few highly dangerous months of life.

It is interesting to note that it is not people who kill cheetah cubs (except indirectly by killing their parents). People kill the adult cheetahs as we cannot live in harmony with them in Africa.

Once again the heading to this section is a link to some fine pictures of cheetah cubs and a lot more facts.

Cheetah Food Chain (new window) food chain – some cheetah facts

cheetah facts – photo © Picture Taker 2

The cheetah is at the top of the food chain. No animal can catch it….except the human animal with a rifle.

The cheetah food chain is compact, eating as it does smaller animals such as gazelles. Gazelles feed on plants and plants produce their own food through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the production of energy from water and carbon dioxide; the process fueled by the sun (light). The sun therefore starts the food chain.

I discuss in more detail the cheetah food chain and you can see that by clicking on the heading to this section.

10 thoughts on “Cheetah Facts”

  1. I agree with your overall message, but your graph on cheetah population decline is misleading. The rate of cheetah population decline has not changed much, it has stayed consistent over the time span (according to these data points). The scale on the X-axis makes it look as though population decline was more drastic earlier in the 1900s than it is now.

  2. Yes I agree to save the cheetah.It is the only living species of its kind. The Government in Namibia should have taken more serious care for the cheetah. Cheetah are most people’s favorite animal after the lion.They should be saved from extiction.Long Live Cheetah!!

  3. I am a 9th grader at MVHS and I find that you people are sick who keep taking these poor cheetahs land they did nothing to ya’ll so maybe ya’ll should hop off there case bc they did nothing to ya’ll so quit and maybe ya’ll should move because they were there first and as for you farmers my family are farmers too we don’t shoot cheetahs so what gives you the write?
    -Alexis White, INDIA

    • Hi Alexis, thanks for visiting and commenting. I agree that cheetahs were there first. Now humans are pushing them out and persecuting them. Sadly, this is typical human behavior. I am as upset about it as you.


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