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The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is another active and well known organization dedicated to the task of saving the cheetah. The organization is based in Namibia, where the largest remaining population of the cheetah is found and where the population is still declining. Their vision is to see people co-existing with the cheetah. I’d like to hear from them as to why farmers are still killing cheetahs in Namibia. It is probably down to the government. If they don’t support programs through proper enforcement there is little chance of success.

Whereas the CCF primarily (but far from solely) operates in Namibia, Cheetah Conservation Botswana, as the name indicates, is concerned with cheetahs in Botswana.

There are many others. I am personally pessimistic as you can no doubt see. It is too late I believe to do anything but to create semi-artificial environments in which captive bred cheetah live; a kind of expanded zoo.

Endangered cheetahEndangered cat

Click on the above link to see an expanded discussion and some more charts on this subject. I make my own mind up. You will agree or not.

Cheetah Facts – Sources: the sources for the information on the linked pages are at the base of each page. The sources for the charts on this page are below the charts.

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  1. I agree with your overall message, but your graph on cheetah population decline is misleading. The rate of cheetah population decline has not changed much, it has stayed consistent over the time span (according to these data points). The scale on the X-axis makes it look as though population decline was more drastic earlier in the 1900s than it is now.

  2. Yes I agree to save the cheetah.It is the only living species of its kind. The Government in Namibia should have taken more serious care for the cheetah. Cheetah are most people’s favorite animal after the lion.They should be saved from extiction.Long Live Cheetah!!

  3. I am a 9th grader at MVHS and I find that you people are sick who keep taking these poor cheetahs land they did nothing to ya’ll so maybe ya’ll should hop off there case bc they did nothing to ya’ll so quit and maybe ya’ll should move because they were there first and as for you farmers my family are farmers too we don’t shoot cheetahs so what gives you the write?
    -Alexis White, INDIA

    • Hi Alexis, thanks for visiting and commenting. I agree that cheetahs were there first. Now humans are pushing them out and persecuting them. Sadly, this is typical human behavior. I am as upset about it as you.


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