Cheetah Print Bedding

cheetah print bedding

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I’ll take a liberty and say that for “cheetah print bedding” I can add leopard print and in fact spotted wildcat print bedding. I say this because the cheetah has a spotted coat. The spots are solid black and evenly spaced against a yellow or tan background. The more glamorous coat for a wild cat is on a clouded leopard. The spots are like clouds – large hollow irregularly shaped doughnuts (donuts). The leopard and jaguar have similar coats. They are glorious donut shaped spots that are called “rosettes” a term that Bengal cat breeders use. The serval also has cheetah like spots and in many ways looks like a cheetah – serval description.

Lastly the snow leopard has a magnificent coat – spotted on an icy white and glowing background. The snow leopard is a truly fantastic wildcat living perpetually on 40° rocky slopes under harsh conditions. One of the bedding sets featured below is based on this cat.

On that generously wide assessment of what people are looking for when searching for cheetah print bedding, I present below a selection of the best from Amazon.

Important point: the wildcats are vulnerable and generally persecuted for their coats and body parts. Why not support a wildcat conservation group at the same time as buying a bedding set?

See Bengal cat coats for some donuts!

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UK Market – below

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