Cherrypaw’s Big Chance Part II

Cherrypaw’s Big Chance Part II

by Audrey Smith
(Columbus Ohio, America)

Please see Part I. Cherrypaw is on her way to see if she can find the missing kits.

Cherrypaw sniffed at the ground trying to block out the scent of grass and mud, only interested in finding the kit’s scent.

“I’ve got the scent!” announced Beemint.

“Great!” Stripeymint turned to Cherrypaw. “You come with me and Beemint, while you go back to camp and see if there is anyone left. Tell them we’ve found the kit’s scent”, he says addressing the rest of his patrol, “

“Right,” the warriors nodded, then raced off toward the camp.

“The scent leads to the west,” Beemint pointed with his muzzle. “In the direction of… viper… hollow…” He trailed off his eyes filling with panic. “We have to get there before the kits do!”

“Right,” Cherrypaw nodded. “Do you want me to run ahead?”

“No!” Stripeymint shook his head violently. “We will go together, but fast. Let’s move!” he shot off, leaving Beemint and Cherrypaw to follow. Cherrypaw’s heart was racing. She hoped the kits were smart enough to not enter the viper hollow. There isn’t much hope in that, she thought bluntly. If they weren’t smart enough to stay in camp, they certainly won’t be… mabye. She sighed, shaking her head as she sped up so she passed Stripeymint.

“Come on!” she cried. “You know those kits won’t wait for us!” They were at the entrance when-

“Wait!” Beemint called from directly behind Stripeymint. “let me check for their scent again!” he halted his nose twitching. “Yup.” he sighed. “They went in this way. at least their scent is very fresh. They just went in”

“Well then, let’s not just stand around talking about it! Let’s go!” Cherrypaw almost was sick with worry and apprehension.

“Right.” said Stripeymint, looking grim. “If the kits are in there, they don’t have much chance,” he raced into the entrance.

Cherrypaw heard his gasp as she exited the thorny tunnel into viper hollow. In the center of the hollow Sandflank’s kits sat petrified with terror. Two scaly, glistening vipers were slithering toward them, heads weaving.

“Help!” the smallest kit, Mintkit mewed. Cherrypaw bristled with fury. She hated vipers. Despised them. Yowling, she launched herself at the vipers. (To be continued in Cherrypaw’s big chance part three.)

Audrey Smith

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