Cherry’s Cat

Cherry’s Cat

by Cherry
(Alexandria, La)

Mr Kitty

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Mr Kitty

I got this cute little kitten from a friend but he has grown into a very large cat. He has some of the markings of the Maine Coon although I know he is not a pure breed Maine Coon. I have some pics of him to upload.


Hi Cherry: Thanks for telling us about Mr Kitty. If you have time please send some more pictures because he is very handsome. And he definitely has Maine Coon looks. You can send them to (my address) or

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Cherry's Cat

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Jun 15, 2009 Mr Kitty
by: Cherry

Well...He is not at all wild. He is very personable and loving. A bit skittish around new people but slowly warms up after awhile. He is a very funny character and has times of being a bit of a clown.. I have further pictures of him to follow. What can I say? I love my cat. He is about 3 yrs old.

I have another cat 9 yrs old. She has the markings of Siamese and guess what?? She hates him and the cat fights really upset me. Thinking of dividing my house and give one each their own space. Like having children all over again..LOL

Jun 15, 2009 Hi Rudolph
by: Michael

Hi there, you beat me to it. I was going to make the first comment! I agree entirely. This is a very attractive cat and, yes, there is a tiny hint of that wild snow leopard!

Jun 15, 2009 "Cherry"
by: Rudolph.a.furtado

A attractive cat resembling a miniature snow leopard.

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