Cheshire Cat Plush Toy

Cat Plush Toy

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Cheshire cat plush toy…?! I know, I know, it is not a Cheshire cat (or was it?). And it doesn’t look very plush anymore either. But it is a nice picture and the photographer says it is a cat (“chat”, actually – French). Also it has a slightly odd, Alice in Wonderland appearance…

There are, though, a lot of very nice Cheshire cat toys that are very plush and very cuddly on the market.

They are usually in pink stripes – a pink mackerel (striped) tabby cat! They are snazzy Cheshire cats. The Alice in Wonderland cat is a tabby cat though. Pink is not a cat colour but green cats have been known to exist it is said (or is this a hoax?).

Why does the Cheshire cat smile in that weird way? We aren’t sure. Well I’m not sure but you might know. I speculate on the Cheshire cat mug page that it might be after Cheshire cheese that was manufactured with a smile.

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What could be better for an Alice in Wonderland fan or a Lewis Carroll fan than to lie in bed, cuddled up to a plush Cheshire cat and read about the philosophy behind Lewis Carroll’s writing of this much loved novel. The book below speculates and analysis the underlying meanings behind Alice’s fantasmagorical world.

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This book gets a decent 4 star rating at Amazon and I think these reviews are genuine (note: sometimes reviews are written for the commercial purpose of promoting or denigrating a product).

Cheshire Cat Plush Toy to Domestic Cat Breeds

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