Chester & Bailey

by Lew

Big Cuddles

Big Cuddles

I bought a Blue Point British Shorthair last year and he is so gorgeous, and about 6 weeks later, from the same breeder we bought a Blue Self, we wanted them to have company for each other and they get on so so well.

Chester (Blue Point) is a little nervous and when people come round he is a little wary then after about half hour he comes in the room and has a little nose about, Bailey ( Blue Self) is adorable, he has such beautiful amber eyes.

I love these boys, I would recommend the BSH to anyone who was thinking about taking on a cat, they are so loving, love cuddles and just purr all the time.

I am actually now looking into getting a Lilac & White BSH girl as I am now going into breeding these wonderful cats.

Hi Lew: Thanks for sharing. Lovely cats. I am with the Flicks and their cats this week in Texas. They have two BSHs, Nox (black) and Sky (Blue) and 2 Maine Coons (Zak and Quinn)...Michael.

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