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Chester, SC: Volunteers threatened with arrest for trespassing when they showed up to check on the shelter animals — 13 Comments

  1. Need to get this out on national news! I think we need to get the word out what really goes on in these rural bubba run shelters. Animals are not property, but living things, and should be treated as such. This good ole boy mentality needs to change!!!!

  2. I keep thinking I am missing something, but it never makes sense nor is it right or humane for authorities to think this is humane, legal or just morally right. My God, what is wrong with people. These are living, breathing creatures that man is suppose to help, yet good people are being thwarted in their efforts. National news needs to be here!

    • Betty I’ve noticed a trend on this. It’s most likely to occur when the local sheriff’s department is in charge of the local shelter. Who are you going to report it to? The police are the ones who run the shelter.

    • I couldn’t agree more Betty. What are the police doing threatening arrests? So hostile to nice helpful people. The police are assisting in animal cruelty it could be argued by preventing people who wish to help the dogs.

  3. This was posted:
    Someone local (resident of SC), please contact the Governor’s office, which is the appropriate step when a county is not doing its job. This is a public relations situation which the Gov should be interested in addressing. Stress how ignorant and cruel it makes SC govt look to the rest of the country. This isnt a matter of building a new shelter right now, it’s a matter of doing the best with what they have to keep animals safe and warm. If necessary they can bring in a trailer or something, which is what Fulton Co. did years ago.

  4. When someone abandons their tame pet cat, especially in winter, it’s also considered animal-cruelty. But when TNR proponents do it it’s considered humane and the best possible solution for cats.


    Get your facts straight, or, as they say, STFU.

    You can’t be talking out of both of your faces at the same time, it makes you look as bad as you really are. Do you really want everyone to see both of your faces? As you’ve just done.

    • As usual you cat haters always get it wrong. Abandoning a domestic cat is a form animal cruelty. TNR are dealing with cats who are often born ‘in the wild’ so to speak. These are true feral cats. TNR exponents are feeding these cats and vaccinating them. The difference between the former and the latter is massive. And yet you have described them as the same! Pathetic is the word that comes to mind.

      • Why are cat haters trolling and spitting out what they think is cleverly disguised propaganda? Get lives assholes and while you are at it some normal human traits like not wanting harm to come to other living creatures at the hands of humans who were entrusted with their lives. Wish all of you were locked in a freezing barn with no way to keep warm forever. Do the planet a favor and drop dead or at least Take your misery and black demon hearts elsewhere.

      • This article is primarily about DOGS. I guess the trolls hate dogs as well as cats. I only wrote on it because the video shows a cat sitting outside and it got me wondering whether the sheltered cats have a heated room.

    • Good point. You could argue that the police are accessories to the crime by preventing decent people to assist the dogs. And yet the police threatened to arrest them. Bizarre and illogical. But not untypical.

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