Chhattishgarh Cat ( billu )

Chhattishgarh Cat ( billu )

by Yogendra
(Chhattishgarh, India)


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Billu Billu

Billu is Chhattishgarh cat - he belongs to half leopard family..


Hi Yogendra... nice to hear from India. But I would like you to tell me more.

I have just researched where Chhattishgarh is. For visitors who are not sure it is a centrally located state in India.

Above photo CC-by-sa PlaneMad/Wikipedia.

So why do you say that Billu is "half leopard family"? Could you explain that to me please.

For me Billu looks like a slender random bred domestic cat. Billu is a bicolor cat. There is a hint of Turkish Van markings on the forehead. This fairly common in countries that are warm.

I guess the Turkish Van was exported from Turkey going east thousands of years ago.

Please leave a comment and tell us more about your cat in India.

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