Chic Covered Cat Litter Box From France

I like this product. It is a designer cat litter box. It has style. French chic. When you see it you wonder why no one’s designed one before. It fits in with modern luxury living. I would expected to do well in London, for example, where there are lots of expensive, interior design departments which are crying out for this sort of litter box.

Stylish covered cat litter box from France
Stylish covered cat litter box from France.
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It is the creation of It has a very catchy name: Poopoopeedo. This seems to be a reference to a Marilyn Monroe song, the name of which I have forgotten. I can see her singing it in my mind’s eye.

It comes in a variety of colours: black, white, green and red. The price is competitive at €79.90. There is worldwide delivery which I think is a wonderful thing because I would hope that there are a number of Americans who will take a fancy to this eye-catching litter box. It is from the heart of Europe and European products are attractive to many Americans.

Not only is it good-looking, it is also practical because it is covered, which prevents a lot of litter being kicked out of the box. In addition, the scoop is rather nicely stored away inside the litter box, under the lid. Further, there is a replaceable anti-odour tablet integrated within the lid.

This is what Stephanie Hager the owner of SinDesign said when she contacted me:

I would like to introduce our design cat litter box. Poopoopeedo is brand new on the market and already experience great success. It is 100% Made in France…It is for sure a nice product to introduce and talk about.Stephanie Hager, Owner, +33 6 52 40 90 25,

I have requested that she send me one for a full review 😉 . I quite fancy one myself.

22 thoughts on “Chic Covered Cat Litter Box From France”

  1. Looks cool to me as a human, but I’m not sure how cats feel about being enclosed in a small space like that while they do their business. I was always told cats don’t want to feel trap when they’re in that “vulnerable” state.

  2. Micheal,

    Does Gabriel like this new litter box? Your readers want to know….or at least, this one does.


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