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Chic Covered Cat Litter Box From France — 22 Comments

  1. Looks cool to me as a human, but I’m not sure how cats feel about being enclosed in a small space like that while they do their business. I was always told cats don’t want to feel trap when they’re in that “vulnerable” state.

  2. Micheal,

    Does Gabriel like this new litter box? Your readers want to know….or at least, this one does.

  3. Dear all,

    Thank you for all your comments and involvement about PooPooPeeDo.

    So here are some clues :
    Yes PooPooPeeDo has been studied to fit big size cats up to Maincoon. Prototype has been studied in Royal Canin’s cattery south of France and product came out after very positive conclusions.

    It is important to note also that the upper and lower part are not fixed stick together so there is absolutely no risk for the cat to find himself struggled inside, not been able to escape or breath in case of accident. PooPooPeeDo has also a paw shaped hole on the top to lift the upper part.

    Michael, thanks for initiating the conversation with our pet lovers. Your PooPooPeeDo has been shipped and you will receive it soon, so you will be able to see, test and comment 🙂

    Wonderfull day to all,
    Stephanie Hager

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting Stephanie. Thanks too for replying to queries and for allowing me to test your classy cat litter box and review it. I’ll make a video and take some photos. It’ll be fun. Gabriel, my cat, likes his covered litter box. It’ll be fun to see how he responds to a new one.

  4. Well fed American cats might not fit through that hole in the Poopoopeedo. I’m thinking of one in particular. Ha, ha.

    Monty flings litter all over. I don’t care. It’s in his room, no one sees it but him and he does not mind. I vacuum it up now and then and he flings some more. I love watching him when he uses the leaf pile by the back fence outside. He doesn’t know I’m watching him from inside. Do other people enjoy watching their cat do his thing? The Poopoopeedo would prevent this– good for the cat though, I suppose. I try not to watch Monty in his box in case he would get upset at me and poop somewhere else in the house. Of course, he insists on being in the bathroom with me when I am taking care of business!

    • I’d be interested to know whether Stephanie who owns the company which makes this cat litter box has factored in the well-known fact that up to 50% of the American domestic cat population is overweight. That said quite a high percentage of the domestic cat population in the UK and I’m sure on the continent are also overweight so I suspect that they have. I would like Americans to buy this product although I’d like to make the point that I am not receiving any commission!

  5. Nice for a human eye, although I’m concerned of it’s small size. Smell and bacteria have a potential to concentrate quickly. Also be careful when start using – there is a similar looking plastic cat bed, looking like an egg, which has tendency to roll over covering the cat so they can’t escape. Owners were making a hole on the back of that egg-bed so a cat could escape.

    To keep litter in a tray, one can try a tray with tall borders. Any plastic tray from a home shop will do – just cut an entrance, so a cat can come in. Also cats can dig a lot if it’s too much litter in the tray. Vary the amount of litter (more / less) and see if that changes the behaviour. xx

    • I liked the design 🙂 . That’s about it really! It does seem to be pretty practical though with a filter in the roof of the cat litter box and the scoop is also positioned in the same place. I wonder whether the filter is also a deodoriser and therefore smells because if it does it may not be ideal as I believe a cat litter box should really smell of the cat which draws the cat to it.

  6. Michael!

    It may be attractive to humans, but… I wonder if cats would truly be attracted to this type box. We have huge litter boxes that have optional covers. We keep two covered, and one left open. They seem to like both types equally well- but what makes their kitty mom very happy is that there is very little litter spilled on the floor due to the height, and since they are macho kitties- they prefer to stand up to do their thing:)

    But it is quite an unusual and attractive creation – for their guardians at least.

  7. Michael, it is very nice. I have a covered litter box and my “kids” still manage to kick out litter! It does have a filter in the lid as well. They need to make a blue one! ♥♥♥

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