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Chicago Is Selling Feral Cats for up to $600 to Combat Chicago’s Rat Problem — 8 Comments

  1. The Treehouse Humane Society has set the standard for years in innovative rescue and adoption programs. Kudos to them for providing rescued feral cats for rat patrol in this brewery, as well as other businesses, and even homes.

    From the video, it appears that there is a real symbiotic relationship developing between the feral “mousers” and employees of the brewery featured in this film.

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  3. I had read this story earlier, glad you picked it up. There are also working cats in NYC convenience stores, but they aren’t feral. Not sure you’ve heard about NYC “bodega cats”.

  4. Finally! Some folks with some sense as well as compassion.
    I loved that every cat in the video was eartipped, indicating that TNR is alive and well in that area. Because of that, I want to assume that the “buyers” are under contract to care for and maintain the health of these cats. Hopefully, some educational instruction was given.

  5. That is fantastic! Way to go!

    My biggest worry would be whether or not the cats were being fed supplemental food once the rats are under control. Too many people associate feral cats with hunting. But once the food source is gone they starve. Hopefully there’s a clause for that in the adoption contract.

  6. Feral cats are capable of being loyal [& I use this term lightly after all the cat has to keep some dignity]

    They are trainable, street smart and grateful for any compassion shown to them. Also_If inbreeding and cross breeding continues, as I do not forecast that this practice will stop, feral’s will be the only felines left in the world that carry the original bloodlines in the gene pool.
    This applies to any cats, feral, tigers, pumas, and so forth.
    Most natural wild cats have a less compromised immune system, which is a real benefit for these animals and their caretakers.

    Eva say’s

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