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CHICAGO: man is trapping any cat and has trapped 40 in total — 2 Comments

  1. Oh and lets not forget the cats that become victims of abuse because they are human trusting pets and easy fodder for the sick cat haters in our society.

  2. The strain is being put on the shelter not by someone making a point of just how bad the feral/stray cat population is but by lazy ignorant pet owners who allow their pets to roam and refuse to S/N.
    We refuse to deal with the issue at it’s source which would be the origins of the stray and every feral kitten/cat born of them.
    We live in 2017 if you can’t be taught that S/N and keeping your pet in your yard or home is necessary then there needs to be significant fines in place to convince you otherwise or pets removed from negligent households. Despite education the instances of overrun rescues making the news and shelters with waiting lists along with an increasing number of animals in shelters shows we are not headed in the right direction in pet population control.

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