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Children should grow up with animals — 3 Comments

  1. I come from a long line of pet owners/lovers. Growing up with cats, dogs, and horses has made me a better person. I can’t imagine how cold, dull, and boring life would be without the love and companionship of an animal. No one in my family ever surrendered the family dog or cat because of the new baby. Instead, the new baby bonded with the resident dog/cat and became best friends. Children were taught from infancy to respect animals and that also plays an important part in our lasting relationships with animals.

    On a side note about horses:
    When my daughter was small, we lived next door to two horses who belonged to the neighbors. My daughter adored them, and they loved her. When she would come up to the fence, the male would reach over and nuzzle the top of her head. (Her hair was blonde like straw. :D) The first time he did it, she freaked out. But once she understood that he was loving her, she enjoyed the attention. She has loved animals ever since. And her super best friend for the past twelve and a half years is her Border Collie.

  2. It has also been proved that children brought up in a household of pets become immune to allergies or certain diseases as they grow.I personally always had a pet since childhood and proof that living with pets boosts one’s immune system.No doubt pets are expensive to maintain but are worth the effort and time as they provide unconditional love and teach us humans the meaning of “Patience”.

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